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stages of pregnancy

10 books required approximations իչներ media .. talent experience

Consider the nature of pregnancy in life or in life, based on the difficulty of instincts to get used to it, where the nature of a woman’s gymnastics, which changes in her և body, is done without temperament, ևIn the first city, the wearer is the largest woman in the house, most of the way out, so that the forearm or forearm is visible on the forehead on the second day, when the forearm is extended to hold the excess, which depends on you.

Therefore, every day the bearer bears the warning of error in his life,: spends the best time in the resurrection with useful things, such as reading or studying some articles in the realm of secrecy.

The point of inspiration is that they know the whole stage where it applies, until it is possible to read what is common in the days to come, making the most of the time spent at home reading books. wearing և training time.

صورة أرشيفية.

If you watch children, you have 10 books that you know about them, then you carry them.


“Taking a donkey with a donkey!”

Letter to Carlin Daifis, whose book contains information and testimony from the trustee of all branches of the heavy carrier.


Teaching children 1100 operational means.

What is the reason for your child’s instinct to communicate, երեխաների important is the education of children, possible difficulties of practice քը pleasure?


Children from heaven.

And the book by Jun Jara’s translator explains the answer to the question of depriving children of the glorious qualities of a minor’s education.


The reason for the transporting woman

To write Claude’s mother, the book explains medical information, especially about pregnancy և childbirth, as it describes the development of the child և the evolution of all questions.


Life after birth

Ր Sandri The book for Apricot’s writings is taken from a woman’s life after childbirth և it is enough to check its authenticity and difficulties, և it is possible to translate it with her new life.


Children carrying children

وهو كتاب يصدرعن دار العلم للملايين:


Caring և caring

وع Subscribe to scribe Nina Granfield և explain to the scribe in the book, the stages of pregnancy և cases that everyone should follow with a stage sign.


What does the child think?

To Richard և Wilson գր’s books, the scribe’s priority in this book is to reject children’s actions from the age of satisfaction տար the age of learning և beyond.

We are responsible for all your inquiries about your children’s property at each stage.


Teaching the secrets of salvation.

For writers, Muhammad Fahd al-Twaini explains the quality of the impact of education on a child from birth to birth.


Lines և thoughts in raising children.

For the books of Ahmad Salem Badwilan. The writer introduces new ideas և different ways of training ի communicating with the bank that I can master.

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