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Pregnant feeding

4 Pregnancy gums are preferred by the wearer

يقوم النظام الغذائي الصحي بدور رئيسي في تعزيز صحة الحامل, ويساعد على تقليل خطر إصابتها بالأمراض الصحية, وتعد الفاكهة مصدرا للمغذيات المفيدة للحامل والجنين, ولكن هناك فواكه موصى بتناولها, وكميات مسموحا بها ,, وكذلك من المهم إدراك نوعية الفواكه الممنوعة للحامل وأخذها في الاعتبار:

The doctor said that the morning light nourishes well, with the explanation, the promise of nutrition for detail, that the bearer should not leave food rich in minerals and vitamins, his existence is necessary.

Pineapple does not choose to be suitable for the wearer, it does not mean that they are under a lot of bromine, which arises from the mercy of the uterus.

– It contains defects in a compound known as risfiratrol, which causes imbalance in the body and, in some cases, adversely affects the health of both mother and child.

– The number of grandparents is one of the most important dangers for the bearer, in which he honors the virtuous, and its content is on the material of the cage, which is the cause of the shortcomings of mercy and atonement.

The death penalty is one of the prohibitions for the bearer;

And according to the lights, the bearer should not be tempted to give certain foods, because the stomach is enlarged from the products of birds, the sound of lizards. storm և crucifixion.

Accra to extract dairy milk ..

And what kind of food is given to the bearer’s health և to keep the fetus healthy during pregnancy from:
Al-Bartkal is rich in vitamin C, he who has the properties of oxidizing antidote, seems to be better than the body for the body, as if he had water on it, he was admired. brain և nerves.

The promise of wealth is rich in dietary fiber, vitamins, vitamins and potassium.

The benefit of the fruit is in the consciousness of the algae carrier, as it is rich in potassium, և helps to reduce the tincture և get rid of excess salts.

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