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Pregnant feeding

8 common superstitions about pregnancy

Rumors are spread about us, they are not related to the earth at all, the news is about the moon, the sun, the wind, the fire, the man, while the individuals are all questions in life. , لك «سيدتي وطفلك» اكشر الشاشعات فكاهة:

The first superstition.

Carrier ventricle height

Most superstitions are widespread, which the wearer carries inside the carrier. If the ventricle is elevated, then the carrier is closed, and if the ventricle is closed, it is the carrier.

Truth. The news says that there is no scientific basis for this difference, that the size of a woman’s muscles, her limbs, the position of the fetus and the position of the body,

Definition based on:

The second superstition.

الطعمة المالحة والحلوة:
الطعمة الحلوة:

The desire to eat good food means that you are the strongest in the world. The milk is absorbed by the taste buds of the dessert until it is absorbed.

Fact Research shows that they are not interested in the urge to eat as a child of your mother or daughter.

Third party superstition.

فكرة الخيط والخاتم على التن:
فكرة الخيط والخاتم على التن:

Another superstition is to follow the fetus or baby by carrying the ring on the wearer’s upper abdomen. If the body շարժ body movement is the baby carrier, and if the movement is circular, then it is fat.

Truth. There is no truth in this, our Lord can do it to make you laugh.

Quartet of superstition.

Stomach movement և Fruit type
Stomach movement և Fruit type

If you are aware of heartburn during pregnancy, it means that your baby has a lot of poetry. Interpretation of Moavia pool is a common problem for pregnant women և they are not interested in your baby’s poetry.

Truth. Until Al-Wawati’s women know that many of them have lost their stomachs and given birth to children.

Fifth superstition.

Birth of mothers և sons
Birth of mothers և sons

If you are the generation you judge, it is easy for you to bear and give birth, if you are.

Truth. There is no legacy for distant factors in the process of carrying it easy or difficult և giving birth. On the other hand, it is difficult for you to limit the size and position of the child, the food system and the way of life, ինչպես how to do it.

Al-Mazid’s definition. Is this the right time to announce your pregnancy?

Sad superstition.

Names appear on the fruit
Names appear on the fruit

النوم أو أخذ قيلولة على ظهرك سؤذي طفلك.

Truth. If you are a child, if you are alone in this situation, then poets are better than you, if you are alone next to you.

Seventh superstition.

Intimate relations were with the fetus
The fetus was married

The marriage act is for the child

Fact To hug your baby, you need to learn from the seven layers of skin in the inner wall, the amniotic sac. It is not possible for a couple to have intercourse with their children or to touch or feed them. If they do not ask you, your doctor will refuse, so do not hesitate.

Three superstitions.

The first child is always late for landing.

Truth. The right to adopt your child is the length of your city. If you are short-sighted, it is more likely that you do not know at that moment. And if you are for a long time, you will have a child at the end of the 9th month, and if a normal 28 days have passed, it is better to be born near birth. .

Other popular news.

Birth of the Moon
Birth of the Moon

– Most women use the twelve moons, many – the rest of the time.

– Consumption of hot food և marital relations protect the applicant.

– The devil from the signs of constant skin renewal. This is wrong. Here are some women who have the privilege of worshiping և they do not object to this divorce.

– If you swallow during pregnancy, the baby will be stabbed. But there is no connection between you and your child. It is possible that it will stagnate due to the excessive power of estrogen.

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