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Pregnant feeding

A lesson in examining carrier nutrition superstitions. Support for the best nutrition և exercises

The study was conducted as long as non-pregnant women moderately followed the food system, at least until they offered the hijab to a very young child.

And according to the British “Daily Wish” inscription, the orders of future scientists are 1200, they “retreat” in the second half of the attack, are in danger of giving birth to a child who weighs less at birth.

And the scriptures say that babies are born small, but that means that their weight at birth is at least from the natural model, it is the most suggested in terms of heart և heart development problems. dominance.

And the result is that Lavat women’s moderately lag behind the food system, while those who reap most of the harvest և olives և fruits that offer at least the 42’s fruit.

And the scriptures make it clear that you have divided the 1,200 commandments into three churches to try to compare differences.

And pointing to the first group to go back to the protection of the middle white sea, and the second to know the border, between which the other women maintain the natural protection.

If academics point out that the lesson should be validated first, it should be repeated before making a recommendation to the patient.

And the scripture says that it is not clear who is forcing the birth of children to be small, but the risk factors include the fact that the mother is over four years old, smokes and goes to heaven.

And Lai’s wives asked one of them to go back to the White Sea. The love section is complete, three of the ից Albanian vegetable և products, all except the amount of fresh fruit. per day as you ask them to eat three quarters

Starting from the second half of the year, the meeting between the women of the limit collection is guaranteed for 2.5 hours, and the meeting is one day in full, and the next meeting is for the applicant. one that waits 45 minutes.

And they say that the factors that regulate life are in it, such as malnutrition, the higher tissues from which it is connected.

Waqam al-Fariq al-Tajnid 1221 Amra’in Mustashifi In Brussels, from February 2017 to October 2019, when the carrier ranged from 19 to 23 months, there was a high risk of punishing a small child.

Of the total number of rotation rules, 88 were newborns (21.9 in water) in small numbers; ությունը this is a comparison with only 55 in the average white seafood collection (14%) և (15.6%) overall.

As rivals of the afterlife, other negative outcomes in which the blessed child և bearer և the death of children are the child’s hadiths.
Includes the White Sea Medium Diet System, an imitation of healthy living habits for people in empty countries on the White Sea, which in France և Italy ալի Italy և the world.

And the protection of the White Sea differs between the country and the region, so it is subordinated to the whole definition.

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