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Muhammad Nasrallah said: “Since the split of the desired century, from the creation of the United States of Abraham to complete the whole of the Eastern Arab region, it is a matter of impossibility. .

Nasrallah’s words, when it comes to meeting the activities of the region in the school in the desert, the western survival, are said:

وقال. “We are the ones who choose the political sect, which is more political than the government, in order to produce a dominant force that can solve patriotic problems and open the world.

ورأى أن «القواعد الشعبية وأمام أزمة التفلت الأمني ​​القائم أصبحت شبه مقتنعة بعدم إجراء الإنتخابات, وهذ مخيف, مع حثنا على إجرائها, منعا للحؤول دون إجرائها, والعائق الوحيد لعدم إجراء الإنتخابات هو الإنهيار المتسارع للوضع الاقتصادي والاجتماعي الذي يمكن أن يؤدي إلى فلتان أمني يصبح معه من الصعوبة بمكان تأمين لوجستي وأمني لحماية صناديق الإقتراع وإدارة شؤونها, وهذا محل نقاش, فنحن أمام اهتزاز للثقة الشعبية بالادارة اللبنانية أعجز من ان تقوم بالانتخابات, لكن ومن موقعنا السياسي ندفع لاجراء الانتخابات تحت أي ظرف, أما واذا سقطت الانتخابات فذاهبون سريعا الى الدرك Alasfel. “

ورأى نصرالله ان “الحل الوحيد ليعيش المواطن بكرامة هو في استقامة أداء الدولة بكافة مؤسساتها, وإلا الحمل ثقيل واستحالة لفريق معين, والتعويض في الاداء المستقيم للدولة من خلال تأمين فرص العمل والتنمية المستدامة والحد من الهجرة وتنمية الاقتصاد وتعزيز الانتاج, فما بالك ومئات الاليات للاجهزة الامنية The government is unable to move, does not allow the excretion of the dead, and has no power to prevent it.

On the subject of Egyptian gas և Ardennes amber, Nasrallah said: Return the amber from the Egyptian gas և Jordan amber within 24/24 hours after evacuation և Make sure you do not receive it. Deviating from the signs, the legal ones will turn the others into the queue of the state bank. ”

And if God’s hope is that he does not receive the bill promised before it was fulfilled, he will say: “Political sectarianism is more oppressive than the equations of the sect. The sectarian system can not produce justice which is based on the principle of equality for the civilized state of the believer, which is based on the state of equality and the world of the people, the politics of the people and the people.”

He said that “in the case of things, the main strategic plan is what is lost in their absence, there is no ministry for the plan, but in the meeting of heirs. And the government is incapable of offering anything to the Lebanese branch, the flow of writing is the basis of the foundation in the building of the state and its institutions, and the one who is in this circle is the one who sees the people of the ruling substitutes.

وختم نصرالله. How are you today?

Source: Patriotic media lawyer

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