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stages of pregnancy

Adopt the child .. Define the stages of this action in detail

At the end of the umbilical cord, which is due to expire, the natural fruit does not allow it to do so.

And that leads to three steps.

First. Fetal descent to the top of the pool in an expanding city is the end of pregnancy.

The stage of divorce

The stage of divorce is extended from the moment of death to the end, because they are long in proportion to the woman who bears “virginity” for the first time in her life, and when the divorce is extended until death, the child. He died at the age of 48.

And the glorious stage of divorce means extending mercy until it is won.

As for development, the beginning of mercy և begins with the extension of action, until it expands to 10 centimeters, և the dance moves as fast as the strong and the bearer carries the lust on the forehead, և the foot dance,

Stage of fetal origin

يبدأ رأس الجنين بالبروز بعد مروره بقناة الولادة ثم يخرج باقي جسمه بسرعة بسبب الجاذبية وقوة الدفع, و من الممكن أن يؤدي خروج الجنين بسرعة أو بسبب قوة الدفع الضية لغية القضية القضية القضية القضية القضية العضية رحمة الدفعة التي لا تتزامة مع وجود, Gharz tsule considered In the days after birth, առանձին it is obligatory to take special care of personal hygiene, sterilization և cleaning.

And it is necessary that the product is absorbed by the senses, it is emphasized that it does not breathe, it does not swallow the water of the uterus.

Mushima landing stage

This is a stage that does not take into account the importance of the origin of the fruit, as it was formed in a state endangered for the life of the nation, if the origin was delayed, it was known to the public with sincerity.

And al-Mushima’s descent is immersed in most children for about half an hour;

And it is necessary for the doctor to claim that he has completely descended, and after that, the remains of the bearer by the mercy of the doctor, who was annihilated, narrowed the place of prohibition of offenses, and the description is the opposite. Live.

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