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diseases of pregnancy

After suffering the deportation of the third city

The third city of the bearer is the third degree of obedience. فالجنین أصبح عبارة عن «طفل صغير» براس کبير و ذراعين وساقين from the meanings of the symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea …

The function of Al-Mazid.

Chariot effects in the third city

Carrier overweight in the third city
  • At first, the weight of the carrier exceeds the beginning of the third city, the total weight of the carrier increases the weight of one crime.
  • Takl al-Ghadyan և al-Qaya, և system with some carriers until the beginning of fetal movement in the fourth city.
  • The bearer turns from fear to consciousness with the beginning of the third city, at the end he suffers the pain of his body and the dependence on the presence of a strange body inside him, he is the fruit.
  • Lifts weight in the top three without excess, և can not be considered the total volume of the bearing abdomen, and the number of bath entrances for the citizens of the former city.
  • It is considered the desire of the one who eats the food, but the absence of impudence ելը hearing such words as:

Reasons for closing the third city from pregnancy

Tell your doctor about the patient’s birth
  • The reason goes back to the newborn և are the organs of the embryo, those changes, which become the cause of consciousness due to fear. لأنها تننزفُ من طاقة جسمِ المعل.
  • Transformation of bodily changes, thereby lowering blood pressure; As soon as the intoxication increases, the amount of respiration is transferred to the fruit, which the drinker gives to the conscious bearer.
  • The harmonious changes of the carrier’s companion are added to the human consciousness ությանը to the night’s desire.
  • And so, the effect of hormonal changes on the mental աս passive state.
  • As if thinking in a new stage, the mind carries the food to the bearer, the bearer suffers from the poverty of the soul because the bearer eats the food for the mourners, for the position of the departed from the former,

Ways to Overcome the Third Khumul City from Pregnancy

خمول الحامل في الشهر الثالث:
  • The way out for rest բաց Lack of persuasion in household chores.
  • نوم القيلولة وعلى عقل لمدة ساعتع يومياً.
  • Serious և balanced nutrition.
  • النوم الصحي المتواصل خلال الليلِ.
  • Reduce ginger drink in the morning.
  • Mathematics և training competitions.
  • Exorcism և specific hand evidence.

Danger of being taken to a third city

  • Feeling with the heart, մշտ constant consciousness with food, և sound and sweat, feeling after heaviness ությունը desire in sleep with repeated egg.
  • The appearance of some things from the inside վրա on the legs, because of the great vitality of the life cycle, the difficulty of digestion, the feeling of the heaviness of the third և its end.
  • The appearance of bile or a child on people (al-Kulf), except that they are born after birth, is the punishment of human poetry, and pregnancy carries the problem of night love.

Tips for survivors of pregnancy in the third city

Carrier in the third city
  • The carrier is advised not to take it to bed as soon as possible, but to wait from ten minutes to a quarter of an hour.
  • If you’re eating biscuits or baked goods with the least amount of fat, or eating ginger, go downhill gradually.
  • It is better to eat light exercises for two hours a day, and if the stomach is empty for a long time, move.

القیء والوحم في الشهر الثالث:

القیء والوحم في الشهر الثالث:
  • It is possible for a carrier to take as much secular material as possible during the first period of pregnancy, so they are responsible for the mourner’s consciousness.
  • One way of continuing piety is to eat some of the vitamins to alleviate the patient’s anxiety and cravings.
  • Drinking enough water daily; In the third city, water is important for the nation.
  • The imitation is to remove heavy objects in the third city. Because he was the cause of the jihad, the pain was severe in the lower part of the afternoon.
  • A pregnant woman is obliged to take care of her personal length during the stages of pregnancy, especially in the third city. Even if you do not accept the emergence of the enemy, the cause of the desire for fruit or fruit.
  • The desire of the bearer to eat his food is conditioned by the fact that he is not pious, “after all, this bearer city increases its weight between fines of 2-3 kilograms”.
  • After all, this city is being flattened out of all these evils, or is shrinking on a large scale; And this is conditioned by the average decrease of responsible harmonies.

Embryo development in the third

Third is the evolution of the fetal heart
  • وأ أهم من يحدث للجنان ويدخل الفرحةَ على الأم; Occurrence of fetal heart, when the doctor from the interstitial examination finds the place of the baby’s heartbeat in the mother.
  • The baby’s head is larger than the body due to the development of the nose.
  • The formation of the human body և The formation of a transparent body when it comes from the layers, because it forms the formation of beating words.
  • Suffolk turned his gaze all over the child.
  • Turn your baby’s throat into a lizard, as if it were formed in the jaw’s elbow shafts.
  • The child will be in trouble at this stage and will start at the right time.
  • If your baby’s heart is pounding, the heartbeat can be heard through an electronic monitoring device.
  • In a child, the musculoskeletal system is hardened to a certain extent, and at the same time the poor intention does not increase.
  • You can play with a small child’s hands and feet, but you can also play these small and small things, while this city also exists.
  • Many of them happen to you, but you do not think about it after that, your child’s name is in rhyme, expansion, supplication and duran.
  • The large spinal cord begins to function, producing empty egg blood to keep the baby healthy, and the baby’s stomach begins to contract during contraction and expulsion to check digestive function.
  • Al-Banakrias takes action, raises the messengers, everyone works hard to expel us from the bladder.
  • ينمو شعر فائق النعومة على بشرة طفلك; Content of available materials on security issues.
  • In this city the child can hear the sounds hidden from the outside world, and in the morning he is sensitive to radiant sounds.

Note from “Sidati Net”. Before using this description or this treatment, consult a specialist.

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