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diseases of pregnancy

After the birth of a book .. The silent murderer in the Arab world

  • نغم قاسم:
  • BBC Arabic News:

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Kant Salmi has long expressed fear, anxiety after pregnancy, after birth, “after birth due to our achievement.”

“Fear, anxiety and misery are not the beginning of everything.”

If this is not what you expect, then, according to the BBC, the statements and statements and hadiths of your loved ones are a way to live with your children in national life with happiness and laughter. long time.

But Salma suffered from “Achievement after birth”; the prevailing condition is that women are seen all over the world, and women in the Arab world are mostly treated.

وتقول سلمى الغغة من العمر 29 عاما «كان حملي صعبا و خدیرا, وتصارترت لبقاء من در سرير.

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