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Al-Hemophilia – Information Time – Al-Dustour News 21/12/2021

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Hemophilia is an inherited anxiety disorder, in terms of the development of certain effects, calling the factors affecting the human body – not the effect of blood on the right egg, but it goes to an acute level. Definition of hemophilia, hemophilia, causative agent deficiency, or classic hemophilia, which is a hereditary anxiety disorder caused by a causative agent deficiency or deficiency, which is a production disorder, and in some cases the cause is the same. . Orphans are restricted due to small amounts of hemophilia in the blood. If you reduce the number of agents, you increase the risk of redundancy, which leads to serious health problems. This disease affects people’s shortening of life or age և it can be treated in different ways. With hemophilia, it can take a long time, but if the blood drips properly and a small wound appears, it is a big risk. It is possible for the halves to form inside the body, but this does not lead to the loss of tissue in the limbs, it is possible for the organs to survive. See him! What is the source of knowledge about the causes of heel hemophilia? Avoidance of ginseng with chloramphenicol A on the X chromosome. X men from their mothers և Y from their parents. Most women suffer from gin. A rare type of hemophilia is hatred for the hemophilia before the last person. And it is more common among people who prefer to build a total of 60 to 80. In the event of this type of hostility, the attacking device does not allow healthy tissue to be called the cause of the impact on the blood. This type of movement occurs next to these situations: Carrying the diseases of the intrinsic cancer of multiple heart disease in the following ways: What is a balanced food system balanced by the effects of hemophilia? Symptoms of the disease և Its symptoms include: reduction of injury or injuries, after surgery or excess teeth. Larger or deeper depths are unusual after treatments. Nazif Makh. They are in the pool or at the bar. Nazif in Anf for no known reason. Pain or swelling or tightness in your joints. Non-urgent stimulation during pregnancy. If it appears on the scalp, it can cause sagging skin in some people with severe philophilia, but it is a rare condition and is considered a double risk that can occur. The inclusion of signs and symptoms is one. the rest is repeated. The teacher’s voice is long. Women or drunken convulsions or nausea. Weakness or scarring of the eyes, then look for signs if you know that you or your child does not. Signs or symptoms are narrow in the lungs. ةصابة لا يتوقف فيها النجيف عن elements: Look. Everything you need to know about the diagnosis of hemophilia or hemophilia if you are pregnant and have a history of hemophilia. What are the doctors like in the first year of a child’s life? Եւ The doctor must contact the doctor at the moment, if he / she is a child, does he / she mean to die easily or will he / she have to leave the path of addiction? لتأكد من مبصبته. It is impossible to distinguish a child carrying a child from 6 cities with small philophilia, because small children do not do things that will make them angry. When a child begins to move, or to weaken, or to act on things, there are obvious manifestations in those who look like the stomach, chest, appearance, or pain. The doctor asked. What was the reason for the cessation of obedience? What time is it at the end of the half? Is your child on medication? What is the fear of other medicines? What is your medical history? Is there anyone who has a blood clotting problem? Total Breath Rate (CBC): Awareness of this information from the number of different types of breathing gaps շերտ hemisphere layers to know what we know if the halves are smaller than them. Thrombocytopenia Time (PT) և Partial Thrombocytopenia Time (PTT) Third Agent և Enlargement Agent Examinations. Divide the levels of all these raw materials. Detection of fibrinogen. explains this information in the form of a jelly. Al-Akhtbar Al-Jinnah. It allows you to compare possibilities with some alternatives to double evolution. It includes the treatment of hemophilia, the systematic change of the effect of the reduced effect և the means of effect, which are not hidden under the influence factors. The type of treatment for your condition և your life և your personal needs. They need regular treatment to prevent nausea, do not know what to do, or need treatment to treat nausea. The goal of treatment is to give you an effective agent that does not build up in your body, անունը the name of an alternative substitute agent to help you control your hemophilia. The body is treated with 20 to 30% replacement. In this case, doctors try different sources or feel different quantities for a trusted agent. If you have mild to moderate hemophilia, treat yourself with dismisobrizine (DDAVP), which is given intravenously or intravenously. On the way to understanding it is possible to eat the opposites of fibrin, such as Hamin Aminokabroik և Hamd Traniksamik. Emicizumab-kxwh (Hemlibra) is a medicine that can help prevent or reduce the recurrence of benign tumors in adults and children with hemophilia. Return to the limbs. Quality of treatment for heart failure. Source links 1 source 2 source 3:

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