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stages of pregnancy

Al-Mawatin Al-Muttalim wants us all to change և to be safe

It is transferred to Al-Matraniya’s Al-Matraniya և Sharia Sharia synagogue in Dar al-Matranայի, Dar al-Matranև. On their eyes, in their absence, on their faces, they mark the holidays.

The sadness of the stagnation and the silence that afflicts the ascendant in the north at feasts is sad, on the other hand, it is emphasized that they do so, even if at the end of the world they do not realize that. “They understand that they are happy with their home and family in Lebanon, that their migration is nothing more than the fulfillment and return of the Lebanese message.”

But, on the other hand, knowing the days is better than seeing that the composition is a new source in the safe, but the Lebanese have to go to the East, the Arabs, different countries have the opportunity to take it. Francis’s father in particular did not die, except when he came to Lebanon and stood by his fathers.

We must make the people happy

In this case, when the birth of a child takes place, the head of the Tripoli office Marounia Al-Matran Youssef Suif from Lebanon said on the 24th. لتدفح نهو الحزن واليأس ، فلبنان يمر بأزمة غير مسبوقة

فواجب المؤسسة الكنسية والاجتماعية ان يعيدا الفرح الى الناس, من هنا نعمل عبر مجموعة مبادرات في رعايانا ومؤسساتنا وعبر التعاضد والتكافل مع مختلف مؤسسة المجتمع وبدعم ملحوظ من اللبنانيين في الانتشار الذين, لولا عطاءهم لكانت زادت حدة صعوبة المرحلة الحالية بوتيرة سريعة جدا ولكنا غرقنا جميعا في فوضى The big elite.

Tripoli has lost its vitality
Vaizif Suif said.
فامواطن أصبح عجذا عن العش في هذه الدينة ، من هنا لا بد من تذكير القيميين بن الدينة فيها مصادر رویهاد تكون كيفى ليس الماتبن.
And the Christian is one of those who are in the city, the necessity of their existence and the foundation on which they are based, the one whose spiritual souls return to what they have seen in the tabernacle.
The Swift said that the “Spiritual Foundation in Madinah is not the foundation of the hands. There are only those who support the truth, Arab and non-Arab states and non-governmental organizations ask them for donations to Tripoli.
And paradise with the knowledge of the public has turned into its real deeds in 2022, but when it comes to that, it is possible that this paradise will not be preceded by the emphasis on the body, which will change from the presence of the state. different institutions.

The subject explosion investigation is a member of our identity և confidence
And when it comes to the present and the different, Swif says:
Since then, the joint responsibility must be borne by different citizens, citizens, it is not for them that all the cash is tested, the value of the discipline in which a worthy choice is accepted.
وهذا الاستحقاق يضع المواطن الموجوع والمتألم امام مسؤولية حسن الخيار وأمام مسؤولية الاقتراع وفقا لما يمليه عليه ضميره وقناعاته, فالمتألم هو وحده من يمكن ان يضع حدا لآلامة وأوجاعه, والدعوة للجميع الى عدم الانغلاق والتقوقع واللامبلاة والى أخذ المبادرة والاتجاه نحو صناديق الاقتراع التي ستحدد مصيرنا جميعا: «

And he says that “it is impossible for the author to explode in detail from great patriotic people, if in the middle of it his friends are martyred and wounded and disappear from their houses and roofs to the front.” Transparent և thematic research tells us the truth about what we get in the water quartet.
The issue of the explosion of knowledge is not a transitional issue, but a member and basis և related to culture, man and God, բաց lack of research on this issue will inevitably lead to a strange culture of our habits. և imitation.

And when the meeting is over, Suif draws the attention of the citizens who claim that they will “return to the angels (the mosque is for God the highest on earth, peace be upon them).”

And those in charge said, “on the basis of good and bad deeds, which are the main and most important reasons for our condition.”

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