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Pregnant feeding

Al-Qabaj indicates the end of the social protection system for nutrition assessment.

Evidence of the right to social solidarity, of both parties, of the termination of the social assistance system to inspect the food of carriers և patients և children under three years of age;

The Ministry of Cooperation has agreed that active participation in the distribution of 1,700 devices will be a sign for the purpose of the meeting, the prelude to the completion of the task of maintaining order on the topic of social “administrative resources”.

And he points out that if you come to the cooperation of the US Government’s Ministry of Social Cohesion համաշխարհային World Food Program ելու to create a state in the field of social protection. To examine the food of carriers և patients և երեխաների children under the age of two, to examine the means of subsistence հավաք to collect on those present, to tie the fortune of the crown.

وقالت نيفين القباج, وزيرة التضامن الاجتماعي, إن الوزارة أطلقت برنامج الدعم النقدي المشروط «تكافل وكرامة» بهدف تحسين مؤشرات تنمية الأسرة من خلال مشروطية الرعاية الصحية للطفل والصحة الإنجابية للأم والالتحاق بالتعليم وتغذية الأطفال, ثم نفذت برنامج «سكن كريم” لتحسين خصائص المنازل:

And the gestures of the gates until the ministry is made, and the struggle is followed by the rest of the gestures, which are closed from the slice of the program. Opportunity to act.

On the other hand, he hopes that he will follow the plan of “seeing” and following social cohesion.

The project consultant’s follower of the Social Cohesion Fund, which is the proportion of children who claim to be divided by 20% of the total number of children, and by 27% of the victims, և 8% – Nahafi. .

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