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diseases of pregnancy

Al-Walada Al-Sariya. Is there a suitable substitute for “pleasure”?

In the case of a private child, he or she will interact with an individual’s personal statements until he or she is aware of any of his or her environment or what his or her children are wearing. © Keystone / Gaetan Bally:

There is no “secret birth” other than the one that is enough in Switzerland, despite the fact that it is one of the equal ways.

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Hefa Hirsch

Adultery (p.) Mature from the age of ten is common in general medicine; it is accompanied by stomach pain, only a medical examination shows that it bears, says the other.

The ex-partner, who walked on the umbilical cord many, many times, did not take care of the baby if the baby was not actually born, as he had entered the seventh branch, the tenth of the bearer. but the action.

Christine Cyber, legal director of the Swiss Gender Rehabilitation Foundation, said: “In such a situation in Switzerland, there is a possibility of a secret birth,” he assured the mother that she has a child in her womb.

وتضيف سيبر. “This means that the woman who wears it can be born naturally under the proper observation of the discoverer, if the person’s information does not completely interact with her, she does not know what to do.

In such cases, there is a mother who finds it difficult to make appointments, but if the child prefers the children, or if he is taken care of, then in the life of the living a person has a choice.

Otherwise the pseudonym is unknown

He says: أسرهن أو كن قاصرات.

According to ijtihad, there is no one other than religious or moral reasons, or if he wanted to pursue the pregnancy later, seriously, it seemed impossible to leave it. The saying of Cyber. According to him, the Swiss Gender Rehabilitation Fund has been established in 18 of the 26th cantons.

On the other hand, Nicolite Citirl, a field of study on the presence of children համակարգ in the education system in Switzerland, in the study of the latest publication, the quality of the interaction of Swiss discoveries with Syrian children.

Citral saying. You interact with the subject in a completely different way, that is, the choice of a secret child is not trusted, except for those who have lost their years, չկա there is no one after them, և he does not trust. he has his homeland at home, he has a reason

Philip Lutzfi says that a newcomer to the cantonal sanctuary of St. Galin, for example, said:

There are those who are born with a number of deaths or deaths in the Sunnah, but in reality they do not have the last ten to one-fiftieth to one-fiftieth of the limited conditions. years.

He added:

However, in the Civil Registry Office, a statement is made about the condition of the child, the identity of the nation, what is written in the law on the obligation to notify, from the point of view of legal opinion, to be: He was aware of an unknown child in Switzerland.

Services are unknown, and special “excellent newborns” are heard in Switzerland without any legal basis. Keystone / Obs / Swiss Relief Fuer Mu:

The case of “state-of-the-art infidelity” in the discoveries of a child’s hadith with an unknown identity, which is in the region of Ramadan, which does not precede one who has a personal detail of his soul.

وتضيف سيتيرل قائلة «لكنها وفي نفس الوقت, تحرم الأم والطفل من تلقي الرعاية الطبية والنفسية اللازمة أثناء الحمل والولادة, بالإضافة إلى ذلك, إذا تم التخلي عن الطفل للتبني, فإن الولادة السرية تمنحه الفرصة للبحث عن أصوله عندما يبلغ السن القانونية – وهذا حقه الطبيعي« .

This is important for language, as it is used to identify many animals and children of narrators.

Employment, however, is possible

It is rare to find a secret birthplace in Switzerland. According to the Swiss Institute of Health, registering a large number of filter cantons is more than the number of births, but that number is explained only in three to three years.

The citadel said. “In Switzerland, it counts the cases of secret births before the siege, the return, as it is now in other European countries, as well as the fact that the price of the animals you bought is a child. has no other law. However, the possibility of a secret birth may be considered. And here is what Christine Cyber, from the Swiss Gender Health Foundation, says.

وتضفف سیبر بان أكانية اللادة سريا لا لا ضزال غير منفعة,.

In 2021, a child was born with the hadith of the birth of one of them. him

Different states, different rights

Switzerland, on the other hand, is the birthplace of secret births in some countries, such as France, Italy, and Luxembourg. Like other countries, such as Al-Nasan, the Sheikh’s Republic, Al-Majr, and Al-Sufakiya, Shariah al-Qanuniyya, with the addition of some services, does not keep children secret.

“There is someone else in Europe like Germany and Belgium, and Russia and Russia on the other side of the swing, because the case depends on what is left in that issue.

And do not think in terms of such decisive services, except for a small number of European countries, such as the United Kingdom, Spain and Sweden. “I mean the rights of the child, because the problem of an unknown child is to leave the child in it.

But if you need to take some of the performances in this box, then in Switzerland.

And this makes what is necessary from the point of view of all the necessities of the case, on the one hand, the corners belonging to the parents’s horse, on the other hand, to the rights of the child.

(Translated from German և Cured by Thayer Al-Saadi)

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