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diseases of pregnancy

All information is required to know about the days of obedience

الإباضة أو أيام التبويض جزء من الدورة الشهرية, الفترة التي يحدث خلالها إطلاق البويضة الناضجة من المبيض, والإباضة تحدث بشكل عام في الفترة الواقعة حول اليوم الرابع عشر من الدورة الشهرية ذات أل 28 يوما, ويختلف هذا التوقيت باختلاف طول الدورة الشهرية لدى كل امرأة, ولتسهيل Commitment days account; فهي تحدث بين اليوم الرابع قبل أو بعد منتصف الدورة الشهرية, وعند إطلاق هذه البويضة ..وفي حال تم تخصيبها يحدث الحمل, وإذا لم يتم ذلك تنزل على شكل حيض.معلومات هامة كثيرة يمكنك التعرف عليها بمتابعة حديثنا مع الدكتور أشرف عبدالحميد أستاذ أمراض النساء والولادة .

How long has it been since obedience?

Commitment days account
  • This book turns into a woman’s body with the release of a certain hormone խոստ with the promise of a source hormone.
  • When the egg white matures և is ready for divorce, the hormone body assumes its exit from the ovary և ovulation occurs within 28-36 hours after the release of this hormone.

Feasts for the days of obedience

Knowledge on the offer
  • Washing days are divided by the number of different angles, such as clear transitions of light, light distortion, swelling, tenderness in the chest, pain in the white or lateral part of the abdomen.
  • Some women have mastered the sand during the time of the lonely city; if one of the women asked for it during the ablution, then the days of sand will increase from the opportunity to carry it to it. touches it.

Definition of Al-Mazid. Things need to be revived before pregnancy

What do you know about the days of obedience?

Here is a special case for women
  • Menstruation lasts up to 12-24 hours after weaning, but the menstrual animal lives for more than five days in the female generation.
  • The urban area differs from the other, except that it is generally divided into 21-35 days և, it returns to the whole city of one of the whites, as a result of which the white matures,: the design is ready. for us.
  • And so let the animals be inseminated from the same menu առաջ the emergence of pregnancy, և if fertilization fails, then menstruation ends or dissolves, և mercy enters the menstrual cycle.
  • The menstrual cycle is revealed for a long time, three to seven days, and the practice of obedience is regulated by the method of many hormones, in order to establish a connection between the nostrils, in which they sleep at the same time. .
  • And then the white path begins with handing over the white maturity to the mercy of Abra Kanna Falloub, and then it is sown by the animal from its menu or temptation.
  • The urban area will be counted in the current city from the first day of menstruation to the first day of menstruation; it is normal that obedience occurs approximately during the reduction of the urban area.
  • For example, on the fourth day of the tenth period, human obedience lasts 28 days, and absolute mercy lasts 12-24 hours.
  • A woman’s property is to be represented with a higher chance of conceiving, which is guaranteed on the third day երեք to spend three days in a normal life, և this book, as it is known, has a special effect.

Definition of Al-Mazid. How is the first literacy of the body after birth, the key?

Ways to argue on the day of washing

It is mandatory for them to follow the stages of the urban area
  • Examination of the abdominal cavity. And if the test is done in case of uterine detection before the deadline of 12-24 hours, trust the relative height of the restless hormone or the stimulus that pulls the body to zero. in the body that falls on your neck.
  • The second sign is the height of the main woman’s body temperature. As the body temperature is affected by the phases of the urban area, it decreases slightly before the day of the ablet, then it rises by 0.5 degrees after the onset. washing, և it is due to the height of each step
  • Restriction of change for this woman based on baseline body temperature at baseline, followed by analogy of body temperature on forearm.
  • When the vagina increases the number of empties և dirt is removed, the mind realizes the lower abdomen. 20% of females are aware only of the abdomen, and on one side of the abdomen – normal.
  • Anxiety խնդիրները Problems of obedience Recognition of obedience is one of the stages of the urban area, as it is a problem of health or anxiety, in which case it affects the quality of life. إما بتعريضها للمعناة:

Problems of attacking women

Taqis al-Mabayd affects the excess of hormones
  1. The differences should be emphasized .. the result of a man’s weakness or a woman’s position և when the volume of the stomach increases due to an unnatural means for the inside, it seems that the size is small. size և small size.
  2. The effect of this condition is the formation of a white system during the rise and fall of hormones, the appearance of a number of symptoms on the body, such as the sky, the development of unnatural poetry, and so on. The resistance of the messengers, the love of the night
  3. Because the abyss is affected by the anxieties under the Mahdi, the area under control is more organized than the usual urban area hormones, estrogen hormones, and constipation hormones.
  4. فشل المبايد المبكر: وهو Hermon Al-Bari բարձր La Katin tall
  5. The reason for the increase in Elber hormone, not Katin’s various health problems – the fact that it is a swollen groin – it is the cause of most of the publication, is based on 50-60% of the conditions.
  6. Excessive emptying of the empty alveolar gland, malignant gland insufficiency, eating some medicine, for example, books, heart rate, chest injury.

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