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Pregnant feeding

All we have to do is specify the name of the carrier Մար أة:

It is possible that he will bear the name of the bearer, if he leaves the bearer without treatment, the danger will double – kill him և the fetus.

Many do not know that the bearer is still in the throes of a long pregnancy, there is no doubt that the patient is obviously healthy.

The name of the carrier is a double of the carrier, which is distinguished by the effect of pressure on the body, և it is a sign of the loss of the last organ of the body, և many of us have a liver. or the whole? And the beginning of the preparations for naming the pregnancy usually takes place after about 20 years of pregnancy, which is naturally normal.

And if you take a pregnant woman, if you leave the carrier without treatment, double the risk, kill her and her fetus, reports “Mayoclinic”.

The most important activity in the current period is the birth immediately. Before the birth of a child, the issue is immersed for some time, until the condition of a healthy mother is satisfied.

But if you want to know the carrier at the time of birth, before the beginning of the 20th pregnancy, it means that it is impossible to hurry the child, but the woman sees the line. his life with a chest pain.

But according to my mother-in-law, it is rare for her to have a pregnant woman’s name after giving birth, and now she knows how to take a pregnant woman’s name in the womb.

It is rare for a baby to bear a name after it is born, և when it is defined by the baby’s name, the baby bears the baby’s position (intentionally).

أعرار السمس الممل:

Presentation of the risk of naming the carrier in the absence of gradual clarity of symptoms, but the current development of symptoms օգտագործ use of respiratory pressure or mouth imaging.

However, during pregnancy it is necessary to regularly monitor the compression of the breath, as the first sign is a normal height of compression.

Therefore, if the choice is present in a woman, then a pressure analog of 140/90 mm from the arterial pressure device, on which the analog can be separated for at least 4 hours.

And the inclusion of other signs and symptoms, in addition to the name of the carrier, as follows:

  • Increase in protein in the urine, which the doctor requires several times during the analysis of urine.
  • Intense voice.
  • Anxiety in the eyes, but there is no pause for the eyes, or lack of clarity of the eyes or sensitivity of the eyes.
  • ألم في الززء العلوي من الطن:
  • الغثيان أو القيء.
  • قل إخراج البول.
  • Decreased levels of suffixes in respiration.
  • Poor liver function.
  • Difficulty breathing arises from questions in your mind.
  • Swelling of the joints և swelling, especially on the veins of the face.

If the forearm is in the name of the wearer, but the forearm is in one of the natural carriers, then it is necessary to take care of the doctor.

Regular visits to the doctor in the city of pregnancy to avoid the effects of a dangerous double (deliberate)

The reason for naming the pregnancy

Doctors believe that the main reason and accuracy of the name of the pregnancy comes from the uterus, the organ that feeds the fetus for a long time to carry the fetus.

Under natural conditions, at the time of the blessing of pregnancy, the development of a new life-giving substance is sufficient to send the patient breath.

But when women suffer from the preconditions for naming a pregnancy, it does not develop or function in a healthy way. It is narrower than the natural eye է interacts with harmonious signals in different ways, but it is one of the few that can be separated from the segments.

However, the reasons for this unnatural evolution are:

  • It is not enough to spend time on alms.
  • Loss of an animal eye.
  • Problem with the ban device.
  • Genital problem (hereditary).
  • Anxiety about the height of the other duodenum during pregnancy.

And if there are some factors that are related to the evolution of the early stages of pregnancy, we will know.

  • Date of pregnancy. Having a personal history or family history increases the risk of injury.
  • Current pressure height. If you only knew the true height of a dead body, most of the sacrifices were in the name of pregnancy.
  • The first pregnancy. The risk of injury is eliminated during the first pregnancy with precautions.
  • Frequent marriages. Yazid all carry the risk of being hit with the introduction of a bearing with a new pair, most of the second carrier or the third with the partner himself.
  • Carrier life. Pregnant women are likely to be the youngest of all ages, as are women who carry the largest of the 35 most common carriers.
  • العرق: Women are the most important people.
  • Source: The risk of being struck by the prehistory of the Ascension is greater if you are in one of the paradises.
  • Properties: Two or three twins or other twins are more common in lazy women.
  • Time distance between carriers և. If there are children, at least one of the guardians, or more than 10 years after generation, to increase the risk of being hit by the carrier.
  • Disease history. Stroke is caused by temporary suffocation of the temporal lobe, hemisphere, pressure of the first or second type of secretions, general illness, tendency to hit the temporal lobe or a rumbling, which intensifies. the danger.
  • Industrial development. في المختبر.

Is it possible to prevent me from carrying it?

They are trying to learn ways to prevent pregnancy, but so far they have not shown clear strategies. Conversely, what some believe is that if you eat less salt or suppress hot flashes, or eat less water or fat, do not weigh less than the risk of being hit. If you do not prove that you are taking too much vitamin C (“C” և “E” (E) to benefit.

In some cases, vitamin D deficiency may be associated with an ‘increased risk of stroke in early pregnancy’, but it is not recommended.

The repetition left in the double wagon repetition is a regular visit to the doctor or attention to excursions in the conscious state, changing the corpses in a healthy state.

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