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Pregnant feeding

Benefits of corpses for carriers ղի fetus | Side Magazine:

If the most useful way is to carry the fetus, then it is the best way to make the fetus 9-9. It is good to say goodbye to a pregnant woman and her fetus.

1- The best pace.

Al-Karz is in a good mood

The carrier’s carrier has a worse identity than the carrier in the first city, as many of them are severely deceived during this time.

2- Reduces the ratio of cholesterol in the blood.

Alcohol lowers the amount of cholesterol in the blood

The baby has a tendency to have low cholesterol, և if the carrier finds it difficult to cling to the food he receives, it is natural for him to take the offspring of his body that he has.

3- One of the headaches.

Al-Karz is one of the headaches

Of the natural signs that are subject to the repetitive bearer of sound, so do not correct the origin of the deaf so that one of the consciousnesses with the sound of sound is continuous և repetitive.

4. Organize a biological clock.

The clock regulates the biological clock

إن مشاكل الأرق والاضطراب في أثناء النوم خلال فترة الليل, هي مما تعانيه الحامل خلال فترة الحمل, لذا ننصحك بتناول عصير الكرز ليسهل عليك الدخول في النوم, وذلك وفقا لدراسة أمريكية أجريت في جامعة تكساس, حيث أثبتت هذه الدراسة أن كوبا صغيرا من عصير الكرز الحامض , Expands the recording of the biological clock to man.

5. Inflammation.

Al-Karz resists inflammation

The baby acts on the inflammation resistance when it is exposed to the wearer, while the wearer tries to touch the breast material, which is a natural substance that resists the inflammation. Al-Mujafif, especially in the last city of pregnancy.

6. Contains oxidation antagonists.

Al-Karz bans the sheikh

يتميز الكرز عن كثير من الفواكه بأنه غني جدا بمضادات الأكسدة التي تحتاجها الحامل بشدة هي وجنينها, حيث يحتوي كل 250 ملليجراما من الكرز على ما يقرب من خمس حصص من بعض الفواكه والخضروات, كالبازلاء والبطيخ والموز والجزر, حيث تساعد مضادات الأكسدة هذه على محاربة الخلايا السرطانية And the jokes made to expose many pregnant women warm them like the signs of a sheikh. The onset of jaundice during pregnancy ները is due to the development of cirrhosis of many foods, which the carrier performs in the form of a large fetus.

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