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“Between the medicine of life”.

Aziza Ali

Oman – Yusuf al-Qusus, head of the medical department, wrote the book as “Life և medicine և .. the journey of life .. the way to the homeland. ‘ սր Heart doctors of the Arab world.
وحول الاسباب التي جعلته يكتب سيرته الذاتية, يقول القسوس «حينما يكتب الإنسان سيرته بنفسه, فإنه يعفي بذلك الكثيرين ممن يكتبون عنه, فيشرقون ويغربون, ولربما يبالغون في كتاباتهم او يظلمون صاحبهم ولا يوفونه حقه, وكتابة السيرة ليست مجرد معلومة اخبارية يسعى صاحبها الى ايصالها للآخرين If you do not know the truth, no matter how sincere you are, you will know about it from what you read: “Poetry, history, narrator և article, և they all take it in the presence of the person present before the return of the way of life, the bowing of the guardian, the creation of the product of humanity. “
And the language of the book tells the story. The journey from the rift to Egypt երում in the Jordanian armed forces և its disruption from the road և from the journey, you are the end of the lavishness of the knowledge that the return in honor of the service of the homeland, the people of the country.
And when the gradation of time used by the author proves that it has been from the beginning of life, from the beginning of childhood և education and training in the field of knowledge and mercy, God have mercy on him. Joke. – life) in the papers in which the stages of attachment to the child’s memory և the patient’s day and night, salvation will come, կլինի it will be enough for him to take the dishes and unions; his attention և he will change when he reaches the scientific council.
And if you are interested in the truth և how much do you look at what the story says, if you do homeland and assembly, և you are not only Ardennia and the former homeland and Arabia and people and people, you have been given a practical deception, և you do not enter և no You do not want to see anyone, mother. “
It is said that the sons of Ghalib al-Kitab are the ones who witnessed the apparition of the Umayyad dynasty during the reign of King Umayyad. The pain of those who face it with pride and arrogance sums up its branch and nation. ” And he added: “They are deep in their polls, they are satisfied with this small country, with its territory, with its limitations, its opportunities and instincts.
ويواصل القسوس حديثه عن نشأة الأردن وتطورها وصولا الى عهد الملك عبدالله الثاني قائلا «يجيء عهد عبدالله الثاني لتستمر المسيرة ويتواصل العطاء, ونعلنها على الملأ أن المملكة الأردنية الهاشمية انتقلت لتلج زمنا جديدا اسمه زمن عبدالله, الحافظ للعهد والأمين على مستقبل الأمة وقضيتها المركزية فلسطين والقدس ومقدساتها Islam and Christianity, he is satisfied with such a great distance, announces to the world that he has inherited the legacy of the great Arab,

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