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diseases of pregnancy

Birth facilitation lines |: Side Magazine:

What happened to the carrier before the end of the tour? أحهر الحمال على وشك الطهاء .. والجميع في فرحة دةردد قدوم الموللود الجديد .. هي آلام الوةلاةت, فتكشر من الفحث عن خطوات لتصيل صالتة التعبيعىية … الققاء و دكطور إبراهيم عبد الحميد.

Ways to facilitate natural birth

The desired extension is due to pregnancy and childbirth

  • الاسترخاء أثناء الحمل table web; In a nervous state, the adrenal glands of the body rise above the forbidden.
  • And with many adrenaline jumps in the blood, oxytocin, a copper hormone antagonist, can occur even from the onset of divorce.
  • Therefore, secondly, I tend to be guided, to constantly follow my breathing exercises, I listen a lot, I listen to guiding music.
  • The field of the child has many advantages from the end of pregnancy with its approach.
  • What helps you to stimulate the pool, hold on to the baby, and lower your head into the pool to prepare for childbirth?
  • As long as the balls reach the pelvic floor muscles վում relieve the pain of the lower part of the afternoon, the tension in the city expands from the bearing.
  • Waqbi Ali Tadlik al-Halmatin; How much does oxytocin accelerate? Does it last 20-40 minutes a day?
  • Hafiz about the friendly interest you have with your spouse in a developing city
  • It is corrected by a special muscle with the egg, when the body is inclined to give birth, then the fetus pulls the fetus to benefit the head of the pool, the cervix.

Natural resources:

The use of natural conditions facilitates childbirth
Natural conditions extend to facilitate childbirth
  1. There are many merciful conditions that extend to facilitate birth. It’s natural և safe և from them. Tamar, if it is recommended to give birth in large numbers in the last city of pregnancy, then the opposite is forbidden in the first third.
  2. Thus, love and honey are black and white, they are afraid of the child’s pain, they reach the intensity of mercy.
  3. Al-Qarafah reaches out to influence the child, saves the divorce, Moghali Babunj, so he reaches out to win alms, strengthens the divorce.
  4. It seems that you are not interested in Al-Tut Al-Bari newspapers. If it contains a substance that strains the muscles of the uterus և strengthens it during natural childbirth
  5. The cut is cut, if it helps to gain mercy, it is recommended to drink from the cut
  6. Alinson, who works to facilitate childbirth, strengthen divorce, calm the nerves, and drink in the morning
  7. المرامية أو المرمرية أو المريمية:

Public advice to facilitate childbirth

One of the tools that facilitates childbirth is childbirth
In the last city of pregnancy, the field of birth has many advantages for them
  • Math exercises in the last city of pregnancy, the factors of which are spread to facilitate natural childbirth
  • The experience of natural childbirth, the distinctive experience of engaging in the greatest activity of the nations և the fact that it is a trial in the last days of pregnancy և the talent of not meeting the newborn.
  • Establishing Math in the Divorce Practice – Limitation – One of the best maths that can be used to facilitate childbirth seems to work to reduce the risk of childbirth
  • Thus, the ascension of high places, such as the earth, ascends, and the degree acts on the development of mercy, so that the bearer is directed to ascend and descend in a state of cessation of the expansion of mercy.

Use food provided in the tropics

The appearance of evil in the last city facilitates the birth
In the last city, hot winds make childbirth surgery easier
  • The transgressors are protected by the words, and the superior ones are protected by the merciful ones, meaning that the bearers of the state are those who receive blessings in the last city, from where they easily carry them.
  • Because they do not mean extending alms or extending invalidity,
  • And the reason is that repentance and proof վրա all the material substances that are added to increase the excess in food act on the preservation of words.
  • And from the kibla of the stomach, which preserves mercy, the benefit of contractions ումը the expansion of mercy.
  • وتدليك حلمتي الثدي تنتج مزعةه سقلة و body مشاكل:
  • There is no grace in facilitating lengths such as zit al-qarwah to widen the neck of mercy in the case of serious double multiplication.
  • Do not drink alcohol according to the characteristics of the environment, as they have caused an explosion of mercy, without causing the neck of mercy to expand.

Signs of birth

Stiffening of the abdomen ուժեղ Strengthening of birthmarks
Joints of all parts of the body, starting with birthmarks
  • Knowledge is cut in the lower part of the body at noon
  • The ghost in the pool area is similar to the ghost in an urban area
  • Weight gain in the lower abdomen
  • It happened one or three days before the birth
  • Excess extracts in large form
  • Mixing a drop of water or a drop of drops
  • It is very difficult to harden and excrete the abdomen in the morning
  • And this means that the head of the fruit is ready to go to the bottom of the pool for a talented applicant; And this is what happened a few months before I was born
  • And with these changes, repeat your journey to the bathroom. Look at the head of the fetus, which is pressed against the bladder
  • Some contractions in the uterus և more convulsions; In terms of muscle և joint extension զարգացման birth talent development
  • And given that the joints are in all parts of the body, most are born, but it is easy to be born for talent.
  • There is no weight loss at the end of pregnancy due to the contraction of amniotic fluid around the uterus, it is a natural thing that does not affect the weight of the fetus.

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