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stages of pregnancy

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الولادة الطبيعية هي عملية خروج الجنين إلى الحياة عن طريق الرحم ثم قناة المهبل, ويتم ذلك من خلال ثلاثة مراحل يشرحها لك الدكتور أحمد الداري, إستشاري النساء والولادة حيث يشير أولا إلى أن نزول الجنين في الحوض برأسه في الشهر التاسع أي الأخير من الحمل أول علامة على If the child goes through the stages of the famous, then he goes through the stages of the three children in the order of the goods.

The stage of divorce

The validity of the divorce phase is the first stage of birth
  • There is a difference between the stage of divorce and the age of the other, as if it has long been in line with the woman who has endured “virginity” for the first time in her life.
  • When the divorce period ends according to the time of birth, the first term ends in 48 hours, and the divorce term is suspended.
  • The glorious stage of divorce means extending mercy before it is won.
  • As for the desire to grow, և begin to show mercy with the range of action, until it expands to 10 cm, անան the movements accelerate, և strengthen the wearer in the stomach, like the movement of the foot, փ close the pain

Stage of fetal origin

The second stage of birth
  • The fetal head begins to reappear after reviewing the birth of the fetus, then rapidly removes the rest of the body due to gravity’s repulsion.
  • It is possible for the fetus to leave quickly or because of its repulsive power, which does not attach itself to the contractions of mercy until it clings to the area of ​​life.
  • It is obligatory for the child to take his feelings, emphasize that he is not breathing, does not drink the water of the “safe question”.

Mushima landing stage

Al-Mushima descends four hours after al-Mushima descends
  • It is not possible that the origin of the fruit is from the origin of the fruit, as it was formed in danger for the life of the nation, if the descent is delayed, it was known to the public with sincerity.
  • Al-Mushima landed on most of the children for about half an hour, and the doctor held on to the body to lower it.
  • And the doctor needs to give medicine to the mother to speed up the descent, and the descent after giving birth is forbidden.
  • The doctor must emphasize that he has come down completely, և after that the remnant of mercy will be described without a doctor, who will be removed տեղը the restrained place և will be: described as a suitable animal.

And what is dear to the mother is that she asks to be left in the square of the lower subject about the child, and Suf responds to Said’s news.

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