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diseases of pregnancy

Carrier of diseases “You have aroused the desire of the fetus և the desire of your և your uncle: uncle.”

The bearer must be afraid, for a long time he must bear the burden of the health և well-being of his fetus և if that intention is discussed. Carrier of diseasesوهي ما سنوضحها في هذا المقال; فتابعينا.

Carrier of diseases

  • If a woman is infected with a number of diseases, և as follows:
    سكري الحمل::
    This disease is one of the most common diseases among carriers, which is followed by the child, and the problem of the disease arises in its state of the disease, which is:
    * If it is possible for the volume of the fruit to exceed; And it is not possible to test the mother of a natural child and put pressure on the child of the disaster.
    * This means that the baby is deficient in medium sugar after birth.
    Who takes a woman, offers the most to the patient. Because of the weight
    وحرمونات الحمل فيمكنك رسداء:
    The walls are fixed for the hands, the carriages are long, the limbs are long, the legs are long, the jaws are long, and so is the marriage.

Do not complete all the illnesses that the carrier presents to you during the twelve collection process. فتةر الحمل:; فتابعونا.

What is the capacity of the carrier?

  • The fruit is compressed at the periphery to carry the carrier, depending on the condition
    At the beginning of 12:14, և he did not recover from it until he was born և he did not recover.
    تجنب الإصابة به; Perform pelvic floor exercises before delivery քաղաքացին
    But the consulting doctor is first and foremost special.

German rabies damage to the fetus

  • In this case, the bearer was injured by the German army, especially in the first city; If the fetus is born with a 60% increase, in addition, it is possible that the baby was born with a heart or nervous system problem, or as sick or as weak as your father.

Bacterial damage to the carrier

  • For carriers, the development of bacterial carriers is the result of the development of a disorder in the bacterium.
    The cause of this bacterium in the vagina is the birth of a virgin or the weight of the fetus.

Impact on the carrier on the carrier in the first city

  • In the case of a carrier with water in the first third From pregnancy; Photo:
    To the fruit, the limbs are attached to it in the limbs մեջ in the limbs.

Inflammation of the liver during pregnancy

  • In this case, the nation was suffering from type B liver inflammation. If your children have children:
    90% of the respondents at birth have liver problems.

Carrier treatment for hemorrhoids

  • The problem of digestion and digestion is one of the most common issues of publications among pregnant women, and it is necessary to continue until the city is expanded, and it is possible to get rid of it through the consumption of second-hand medicine, but after consulting the doctor. , أو تناول الزبادي,
    أو تجنب النوم بعد الأكل ، وكذكن تجنب تناول الطعمة الحارة أو الدهنية.

On the hemorrhoid carrier

  • The movement of the intestines during the carrier is very difficult, it is one of the most common reasons.
    Carriers with hemorrhoids and those organized against the plague of hemorrhoids. وتى تتمكني من:
    Tajnab is the main problem, it hits hard. The current drink is not enough
    2: 3 Let him drink of the water of the day, and let him drink his medicine.
    Noble doctor’s special, և you can also put a cube on it when the battle is over
    The mourning և maintaining its purity, ը mourning հայտնվել the appearance of fibers in food.

But if we do not reach the final: Carrier of diseases. Pregnancy stages in detail

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