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Pregnant feeding

Carriers are the best way to treat abortion

Carrier is a natural thing է is common in pregnant women. From the misfortunes … The meaning of the hadith is the knowledge of nutrition ելու wearing Dr. Fatima, directing her to the center of scientific research ելը healing. explanation և analysis.

Stinginess is caused by pain, in addition to the possibility of being in the womb

Ways to get rid of misery

  1. Eat high-fiber foods.
  2. Multiplies questions by drinking. Drink lots of important questions to make the stomach movement more repetitive, especially when eating lots of fiber, drink 10 to 12 cubes of different questions, food and fruit. և fruit.
  3. Mathematics regularly .. Thirty times in the morning, do not wait for us in the range of 20-30 minutes, և if you do not practice regularly, you will have the opportunity to hit hard.

Do not drink water with restraint

What are some of the supplements you eat?

  • For example, Hadid և calcium supplements should not be used extensively in the development of fasting; alternatively, eating a healthy diet should help al-Hadid և your calcium needs during pregnancy; և It is possible to take medication.
  • Probably Hadid supplements from drinking plenty of drinking water, but refraining from the carrier until the exchange of Hadith al-Hadid type, as well as after consulting a doctor. .
  • The best way to get a job is to love the world. As their occupation causes defects in the uterus, և it is possible to protect the body.
  • The desire to use mineral ornaments, which are ornaments extracted from the abyss, so that they do not imitate the inclusion of nutrients in food.

The causes of misfortune are twins

  • Continuous vibration և pin
  • Kala Mamsar al-Tamarin al-Riyadh
  • Follow the emptiness of the food system or cut the food fibers
  • Hormone change that affects muscle output և compresses at the mercy so that food movement is normal.
  • Exercises from taking nutritional supplements during pregnancy …

The muscles of the body contract in the pool

  • The temptation is to tell the state that you are in it, out of heartfelt knowledge, lack of leadership, lack of practical regulation.
  • And half of the pregnant women are exposed to the plague in one of the stages of pregnancy, the test is extended until birth.
  • The average hormone in the breast is increased in the duodenum, which is caused by the removal of body muscles from the intestines, the movement of the stomach, and then the process of digestion, which is difficult. to digest, և which is difficult to digest.
  • When the muscles of the body are stretched, they also enter the pool; the rectum vibrates until it is clogged.
  • Those who oppose the attack with abled և hemorrhoids, such as for the sake of repulsion after childbirth, which is divided into twelve fetuses during childbirth surgery.
  • As for hemorrhoids, when it is pushed forward, it spreads to the joint և straight joint, when it is acquired in consciousness by wisdom or knowledge, և it reaches when the pressure is strong on the forearm. .
One of the side effects of restraint during pregnancy is pain, which is unlikely in the womb

Side effects of fasting during pregnancy

  1. Pain in the uterus is unlikely
  2. From multiple repetitive straight areas
  3. The greater the risk of a teacher being hit, the more serious it is

Causes of proper system during pregnancy .. For abortion treatment.

  • Many people drink 10 to 12 glasses of water a day
  • By following the nation’s healthy food system with fiber, from 25 to 30 fines per day. Fiber is included in food, vegetables, love cakes, which are full of perfect love, medicine and food.
  • In small tasks, some of your responsibilities are daily, facilitating digestion բաց no pressure on the stomach
  • Ahrsin was about the practice in Riyadh; 30 minutes from the beginning throughout the day 20 to 30 minutes և you can walk or dance or practice Yuja exercises
  • Following some natural features, such as drinking lemon juice in the morning, eating cranberry juice. I acted to organize the Tabarz operation
  • Take a bath for 10 to 15 minutes without fear of worms
  • Names are better on the one hand, especially on the back, not the back, after reviewing the first three devices of pregnancy.
  • For a long rest of the tuxedo or tajles, և traveling to Morsi ողջ all the time to stimulate your body
  • Collection of weight loss products or collection of weight loss devices to reduce hemorrhoid pain

What’s a doctor’s calendar?

  • في حالة الإمساك 24 ساعة أو أكثر دون إخراج براز أو ريح سينصحك بتقليل المكملات الغذائية, التي تحتوي على الحديد واستبدالها بالأطعمة الغنية بالحديد, أو تقسيم المكملات الغذائية من الحديد على مدار اليوم قد يصف بعض الملينات أو الكريمات الموضعية للتخفيف من الألم والحكة في حال البواسير:


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