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diseases of pregnancy

Carrying a bearing is defined as fetal damage

One of the dangerous diseases is the one approved by the carrier Pregnancy herbs ; And the knowledge of the state of danger for the fetus որ the quality of its protection. Follow us in sequence to find out what you have studied about it, as well as some other diseases transmitted from plague to fetus.

Pregnancy herbs

  • It is a pity that he does not say that the bird is easily killed.
    The bearer; She may be transferred during the practical delivery of the fetus.
    born or lost sight or death in a damaged brain.
  • Because of this virus, the avian influenza virus (HSV-1) can be transmitted
    The fetus carries the umbilical cord in the duodenum, which is connected to the umbilical cord for a long time.
  • And even your jinn or your children will be damaged by the fire. فليك إخبار الطبيب:
    Based on this question, only that you are accustomed to suffering with a generation or a generation of faith.
    أنكِ قد تكونين مصابة به; فحينها سيطلب منك الطبيب:
    Absence from the blow.
  • In this case, the doctor emphasizes that your strength is easy. فسيصف لكِ أدوية:
    Opposition to Harbor at last Carry: Even preventing the disease with his relatives
  • And if the incident և attack to kill him at the time of application. فبما يقترح طبيبك جرء عملية قیصرية لتقلي ذدلات این الفیروس إلي طفلكِ.
  • And when a woman touches a bird of prey with the number of those in her body, of which:
    From the bladder to the outside, տարածք vaginal area, և external genitalia: cervix.
    And in all cases, your loved ones are corrected by the tolerance of the issue with your doctor հետո after its continuous operation.

And then we introduced ourselves Pregnancy herbs And harm to the fetus or offspring, և it is possible that the fetus or offspring will be injured. Follow us in the next section; For some of you Carrier of diseases When he was transferred to the fetus, he also caused many health problems.

Carrier of diseases

Some diseases that the nation suffered from in the second half of pregnancy. Missing persons
You move to the fetus, which is attributed to him with very healthy eggs, և of them.

  • – If you are the bearer of the nation, you will be hit by the Germans, especially in the first city; More than 60% of fetal pain is attributed to heart or nervous system problems.
    If the fetus is born, the result is that it is determined or enough, or my father.
  • – As one of the most common diseases among carriers of the latent disease, etc.
    The baby is born after birth և you have a problem as the fetus may grow.
    Too much; And the reason for the birth of the mother is the birth of Caesarea չկա չկա there is no power over natural childbirth, it means that the child is deficient in medium sugar after birth.
  • – It is the most serious of the dangerous diseases of the fetus. If the carrier is affected by:
    In the first third of pregnancy; فسينتقلى ألى النجنان متسببًا:
  • – It seems that the disease is a serious mistake if the carrier is transferred
    Children are 90% dependent on liver function, hepatitis B is type B.
  • – If the carrier is injured
  • Vaginal germs are the result of a bacterial disorder
    The recipient in the vagina when he suffers from this suffering happy child or deceased.
    Fetal weight.

But if we do not reach the final: Pregnancy herbs. Food is prohibited during pregnancy And drinks

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