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diseases of pregnancy

Causes of skin rash on the skin during pregnancy

Many of the skin diseases that are present can be seen from a woman during pregnancy, what is directly related to pregnancy, ինչ what is the result of effective psychological factors for abortion, especially in the city. As it appears on the body of the bearer of skin marks or the penetration of a large tumor on the skin, it affects the health of the soul.

Baku Hamran in the body

Appearance of the wearer
  • If a hammer appears in the body, then the natural state of the event occurs և Most of us do not have this burial unharmed, but in some cases you have suffered from a serious illness.
  • And appearing on the bearer in the form of grains or gradually on earthly fidelity entrusts the work.
  • And it differs in size, in size, when it is moved from the body, it is attached to some burqa, as if it is flat or flat or as good as your forehead.
  • Sensitivity of the nerves, which means the seizure of the forearm, the forearm of the forearm and the forearm, the forearm is the heart and everything is strong; What does it mean to explode some gaps and repeat?

The skin types that the patient wears

On the body of the Baku Hamran bearer
Sensation from skin diseases to carriers
  • From the types of skin folds that a pregnant woman suffers from, the skin tone that occurs due to the separation factors during pregnancy, especially in the third city.
  • Like the appearance of many signs on a woman’s body, from the skin’s history, or from the redness of most of the skin, which affects the goodness և health of the soul.
  • وهناك ظدياد حب الشباب لدى الحامل; As this rash mainly appears on the face, it changes its area, so you can consult a doctor.
  • Because some pregnant women are prone to inflammation of the skin of the senses, those who suffer from the senses, certain types of food or foreign elements, dust, spirits, etc.
  • As a result, part of al-Baka al-Hamra appears with smooth skin.
  • Sensitivity to blood is a combination of diseases that affect a pregnant woman, it is related to the surface of the skin, which affects human health and beauty.
  • Because it is possible for the abdomen to appear with a small white rash on the human body,
  • In all these cases, it is necessary to rush the transferring woman to a specialist doctor to get rid of the skin problems she knows.

Diseases that occur as a result of a barrier in the body

Baka Hamra is the source of wisdom in the skin
The bath is the cause of wisdom in the skin

  • Al-Nakhaliyah Al-Wardiyyah և Ta’dah, which is inflamed in the skin, is inflamed until it appears on the surface of the skin, և they believe that it is the result of the opponent of Firosi.
  • Turn al-Nakhali al-Wardiya into a large elliptical hammer in the form of a chest or forehead or abdomen, then show the small forehead to other parts of the body.
  • This habit is usually a practice of wisdom; it passes with inflammation of the heart, fever and loudness; it is normal for us to go down from the perception of the soul;

1- Inflammatory inflammation of the skin

Inflammation of the skin is manifested in the form of a skin rash, the result of touching the skin with a direct irritating substance or sensation,
Contradictions of patients or merits that do not require a medical description can be used, but in case of severe inflammation there is no offer to get a doctor’s description.

2- الطفح الحراري:

It produces embryos in the body, and due to hot or wet eyes it looks like skin, often appears in the parts of the body that are divided into two parts, touching the skin with the forearm.
This spleen is located on the patient’s body, which has a positive effect on the body with a small rash on the body, and the cause of consciousness is the forehead or forearm.

3- Spinal cord injury

وهو عبارة عن ادوي فیروسية تببب طفحاً جلديًا أحمر أو بثورًا على الجدج.
Consciousness begins with heat and humidity, and when a person is in great distress, և when he questions as a nation, he usually returns to one side of the body.

4- The wisdom of horses

What is the volume of the skin at dawn with the details in the water? What do you see while the skin is covered with wisdom, warmth with consciousness, small rash?
Many times they do not want to see themselves in their anger, they do not seek medical attention, it is possible to use contradictory graces.

5- Weakness

The weakness of the cause is due to the obvious boundaries in the form of a block in the body in the form of a block, it may appear in one of the parts of the body, it causes instincts.
It is impossible to get rid of weakness, except judging by instincts. Therefore, it is not bad for the doctor to refer to his diagnosis and description of the medicine

6- Inflammation of the skin

It is the most common type of eczema, most of which occurs in children.
الصفيةة, هةلة طبية طويلة الأمد تجبب إنتاج بليا جلدية جديدة بسكل مفرط; What do you see before the embryo of Jafah և Mukshara appeared on the skin with a layer of virtue?

7- Drug:

Al-Tafah Al-Dawa’i, who is Tafah Al-Yaddin, found out that the act of sensation under the influence of certain medicines տարբեր The different forms of Al-Tafah are based on the type of medicine. بثور صغيرة حمراء أو أرجانية:

Dangerous reasons for appearing in the body

Serious cause of obstruction of the body by the body
These are the serious reasons for the emergence of Al-Hamra
  • In some cases, it is possible for the body to remain in the body, one of the symptoms being a serious physical condition, such as:
  • Cancer
  • Pneumonia
  • Rejection of intense sensory verb – extreme sensitivity
  • Lung treatment defect

Lujo Siddi and children:

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