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diseases of pregnancy

Changes in prenatal self-esteem


Bringing a new life to men

The effect of the state of mind on the fetus

Advice to the bearer of the soul

The soul of the bearer in the first city

The soul of the bearer in the third third of the bearer

The soul of the bearer for the last three years

The relationship between body and soul

What is the nature of a woman who refuses to wear anything but many changes? There is no volume in the horse alone.

Joy, happiness, pleasure և leading to fear
  • Carrying experiences with poets և emotions and changes that affect the wearer և fruit և towel as it carries the burden of symmetry of new life.
  • It is necessary for the bearer to live in it with the new spirit created in him in the development of the city, to say the pieces with all joy and happiness, to be satisfied with many and those who are afraid.
  • The woman has lost a lot in her nature from the anxieties of the soul to what she wants from the other; appendix or vice versa.
  • The poet attracts the bearer, և everyone is serious, if you are a poet by heart, then you are the same, especially in the first two bears, or without a manuscript.
  • To behave as if immersed, in addition to interacting with the hormonal-physical changes that occur during the development of the known.
  • And despite the reluctance to wait for your child, the lack of poetry will also increase your appetite, you will not be afraid of those who are afraid of their temptations.
  • Also, before the scariest day, they may have a big impact, such as:
  • Harmonious changes of the carrier to change the chemistry of the body in general և to carry a special egg.
The state of the soul is itself the cause of a happy birth
  • The lack of movement of the fetus is more cheerful due to the penetration of hormones in the fetus, and the movement of the baby is completely nervous, it is difficult to prepare.
  • And it is possible that the state of the mother’s soul repeats the recurring ijda without a clear reason, or the reason for the blessed birth or otherwise.
Eating healthy foods promotes fetal development
  • Sayyid al-Umm, the Foreign Debtor about your child, challenge him even to establish your connection with the child. The fetus can hear if it hears in the third: tenth of pregnancy
  • You are afraid of those who are afraid of your family, relatives, your spouse, because the greatest reward is from the constant enemy, but you are assured of the highest, continuous successors by the one who tries to cause problems.
  • Protecting your intake of healthy foods rich in vitamins, minerals, and essential artifacts extends to the developing fetus, in addition to ending the menstrual cycle to change your mood.
Hormonal changes cause mood swings
  • The rapid change of pyramid is one of the main causes of temperament anger during pregnancy, they are the extroverts and the main characters, if they have a relative proportion in the body during the first 12 months of pregnancy.
  • Disruption or deception of this nerve carrier causes emotional distress. The connection of consciousness with excitement և excitement, particularly in aspect, with expulsion changes
  • The hormone is related to the elephant, but it can erupt in the mind with fear or sadness.
  • Latin women have been warned of miscarriage or stagnation due to pregnancy loss, especially during the first third, as they are the offspring affected by pregnancy loss.
It depends on the third stage of the bearing … the city of Meghri
  • Most of them are suspended from the third stage of carrying the “honey city”.
  • فالهرمونات لا تجال تتغير لكن أقل بكيرم:
  • And the great woman’s poem is more than just a room in the city’s view, it’s not visible since dawn, as the body’s body is currently changing during the three-thirds city.
  • Women sing in humiliation, this is what they do, and other women sing in their hearts, especially women who are born to breathe their souls into the images of their bodies.
Increased fears among some women due to the proximity of the baby
  • At this stage, the child’s trials are in-depth to know the health of the fetus; if it suffers from one of the creative expressions, some women pronounce it in a whirl.
  • The soul of the bearer cuts three-thirds of the bearer, which is the reason why the fetus is detained, և it is clear that he does not consciously realize midnight,
  • For some women, the fear of being close to the time of birth և if you were a mother, but in reality, there was no connection between the fear of the last child և the doubling of the nation’s responsibilities to her և.
  • If some women receive books before pregnancy, but it is possible that during pregnancy due to lack of happiness of the woman during pregnancy or attacks on most others or at home
Here are the interactions of the body հոգ bearing soul.
  • All bodily changes for the carrier are confirmed by the cases of the soul, especially for the effect on the perception of the bearer. Example:
  • If pregnancy interferes with her և she is in it, then your wife will no doubt happily նոր hopefully accept the new hadith.
  • The interaction of the carrier մարմնի body և soul can be manifested during pregnancy based on the saying, the carrier level in your life, or the negative signs around the carrier.
  • Is it possible that in the first third is the condition of the mourners present, and the least heroic is approved by the mourners and the mourners?

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