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diseases of pregnancy

d. Abu Khaizran tries to find the perfect story to feel the “hidden germ”

Dr. Salem Salem Abu Khizran, the owner of the first experiment in Palestine, specializes in the experience of “secret semen” for captives in the presence of Israelis, young children.

وقال د. Abu Khaizran, in his opinion, is the “secret semen”.

Waqdah said al-Nutf al-Muharra was a national affair involving all branches of Palestine so that they could perform it for free with a comprehensive set of prayers, despite the fact that the heads were changing their responsibilities.

The first thought

The success of consulting mental illnesses, the beginning of captive thinking in general in 2000, մարդկանց the consultation of knowledgeable people և explaining that there is room for them to carry out this operation,

The first is the compensation of Sharia, the lack of planning for the movement of captives in the case of the Palestinian Iftaa based on Sheikh Ikrama, patient, according to d. Abu Khizran.

“We have reached the path of evil, for there is no one, and there is no evil from the political grip, the opposite is true in the Palestinian space, and all of them do not resort to the expression of thought and courage on them:

The first attempt

والتقى د. In Abu Khizran al-Ayn al-Aww al-A’w, in 2005, for example, of a captive couple, 2 or 3 Witnesses from their families and relatives are close to the first degree, so that the magnification (animals և environment) will follow.

He said. “As soon as one eye is divided into three parts, it will be counted until the first experience (..), but he started asking around the meeting, չէ is it not bad for people to listen? that’s until their eyes are closed. ‘Then you’re used to it, you agree with everyone.

The first operation of the “forbidden bacteria” was performed by the children in 2011, but the pregnancy did not end with the abuse of the fetus և the birth of a fetus in the womb, according to Abu Khizran, who is convinced of marriage; If you are part of the audience, you can not hire him.

First born

Additions. “The second eye was examined, the pregnancy was performed, the first child was born in Al-Aqsa in 2012 in the presence of the Minister of Captivity Jesus Karaka and the Minister of Health Hani. Abedin. “

Vishir d. Abu Khizran, as long as he was caught with the birth of his first child, from the “secret seed” to the great branch of the soul, the soul of the soul. كما تحدث لراية.

If the context of the hadith, one d. Abu Khaizran, chairman of the House of Representatives of the Arab Advisory Office, believes that the “secret turn” from the beginning of the captive movement, the return of the first virtue in it, is more important to them. of the homeland.

Only in the case of children was the “secret semen” put to great joy in the scientific sciences, from which it is not intended to stop the denial on which the mind thinks for a long time.

أطفال الأنابيب:

Վի عد դ. Abu Khizran, the first attempt to specialize children և youth in Palestine in 1996, when he was born in Britain in 1978, when children were born after 1992, he took care of the animal under his nose. .

And the practice of aristocratic children is mandatory, the chance of survival does not exceed 10%, but with the evolution of science and technology, the minimum commitment and aggression for the natural environment is 60-65%. .

وففاا للدكتر أبو خيزران

Al-Ghadir mentioned that d. Abu Khaizran, who attended the Nablus Secondary School in 1975, then graduated from the Alexandria Community Medical School, left it in 1981, participated in the Nablus Women’s Research Institute, and was left alone. The question he was asked about being able to move to London և the work he has done over the 6 years he has acquired in the British profession և wealthy women և in the field of childhood diseases,

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