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diseases of pregnancy

Defining the consequences and ways of supporting the secret bearer

Most people do not know that intoxication is associated with pregnancy and that intoxication is one of the most common life-threatening illnesses. “And most children are offered treatment for a disease such as a secret disease.only my health«.

What is sugar transport?

المعرفة بمرض السكري الموجود مسبقا أفضل من أجل التخطيط الأفضل للطفل وتجنب المضاعفات الناشئة, تعتبر السيطرة على مرض السكري وإدارته أمرا مهما قبل الحمل, وهذا يضمن حملا ونموا صحيا للجنين, وسهولة في الولادة, كما ينتج سكري الحمل عن كيفية استخدام الخلايا للسكر, يمكن التحكم في This is the snow of the food system կիրառ the math of applying math.

The most common symptoms of poisoning

And it is possible that you are trying to reverse the current situation – more thirst, more desire at the table, confused eyesight – inflammation of the dough.

The secret bearer

أما عارار حمية الحمل:

Excess weight at birth.

Due to the mother’s secret disease, it is possible for the unborn child to enjoy a reasonable weight gain.

Whenever possible you should have all four of these components in place for launch to maximize profits.

Decreased blood sugar ratio.

He knows his intestines under the name of blood sugar deficiency, և it may occur in children, if he dies now, there is no change in the intestines.

Born child.

The probability of giving birth to a disabled child has increased.

Bearing name.

From intense doubles, such as the name of the carrier, which extends over the height of the pressure.

The secret bearer
The secret bearer

Disease ի secret disease.

According to the history of the nation, if the weights are excessive, then the children are at risk of a life-threatening type 2 secret disease.

Fetal birth.

It is possible for a pregnant woman to conceive without leaving her untreated.

What is the protection against pregnancy secret disease?

يعد التعرف على مرض السكري المتعلق بالحمل طريقة رائعة للتعامل مع كل شيء وإدارته, أثناء التخطيط لإنجاب طفل, يمكن فحص مستويات السكر لديهم لمعرفة عامل الخطر, وأثناء فترة الحمل, يمكن لطبيب أمراض النساء المساعدة في مراقبة مستويات السكر جنبا إلى جنب مع صحتك العامة وصحة الجنين To advise you on your medication, then to you.

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