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Pregnant feeding

Dining table from the first city to the developing city

Doctors are allowed to carry a pregnant woman with the need to bring back the citizens of a healthy, balanced food system, to maintain the health of the mother and the fetus.
So please criticize me in this article Carrier food table From the first city to the expanding city.

Carrier food table

  • A woman who carries her body does not follow a healthy food system to maintain the health of her fetus.
  • It is necessary that all the elements of food return to this system.
  • However, it should be noted that some items are determined by a certain amount on a daily basis, it’s clear to you in the table below.
Alproteins 70 جرامًا: Lahum, Asmak, Al-Dawajan, Al-Bayd, Al-Mutajat Al-Alban, Al-Bakul, Wa Al-Maksrat
Calcium 1200 m Al-Alba products, green leafy greens, orange juice, walnuts
Al-Hadid: 30 minutes Meat, smiles, marriage, love and bread from perfect love, proverb, green, the essence of green, skin rash, taste and heart.


(حمض الفوليك)

600 microns Green is the essence of green paper, saying perfect love, the essence of mobility – gods



1.9 University: The embryo of redness, the desire, the love of perfection, the candy, the plum, the fruit, the fruit of the Sudanese, the seeds of the cult, full of souls,
زنك: 15 Malj The souls of those who obey Al-Hadid, except incense, the embryo of foolishness, the desires of children

The bearer’s advice on keeping greed for duty is given in the previous table, in the following sections:
Suffice it to say that you like some of the food that the Turks have to take from the city of pregnancy to every city.

Transporting dining table in the first city

  • In the first city it is recommended to eat more than rich food in the following words:
  • Green leafy greens
  • Perfect love sayings (lentils, beans).

Carrier food table in the second city

  • You have to be greedy to eat food rich in vitamins, which is in the second city.
  • There is no explanation for some of the lessons that lead to a reduction in prayer vitamins (e) amid an “increased risk of ihjah.”
  • Therefore, it is not recommended to use a source of fat for these vitamins, such as raw almonds, fruits, olives, olives, egg whites.

Carrier food table in the third city

  • It is obligatory for you to leave Turkey in the city of Sads with questions, so do not correct it later.
  • Be careful not to drink 10 glasses of water a day.
  • Eat the fruits and vegetables of the world with questions like Al-Khiyar և Al-Batikh.
  • لأنها سوف تساعدك في الحفاظ على رتوبتك أنت والجنان.

Dining table in the city of four

  • Leaving Turkey in the city is mandatory as follows:
  • Eat rich foods with restrictions, such as vegetables և words with full commitment.
  • If you do not correct your body with the first food that is under a source of vitamin C, such as lemon.
  • In addition, it is necessary to consider the greed for the consumption of high quality raw materials, such as:
  • Egg’s oral organs.
Carrier food table in the fifth city
  • It is a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program.
  • It lacks the elements needed to saturate the fetus և large bones.
  • How they affect the health of the heart, nerves and muscles.
  • And if you do not correct strong sources of calcium, such as:
    Walnuts, walnuts և walnuts, walnuts.
  • In addition, greedy people need to eat foods rich in “C” vitamins.
  • From the vitamins that the body does not accumulate, so it is necessary to get it in the form of a day
    From food sources such as broccoli, bergamot և tomatoes.
Carrier’s table in Sades
  • When you arrive in the future, you need to leave Turkey for the city of Sadis.
  • Al-Bayd և Al-Jaban Al-Quraysh և Al-Zabadi.
  • Loz, Shofan և Komham.
  • Fables such as vulgarity and hypocrisy, harassment, leprosy and hunger.
  • In Al-Haw, but who should not be greedy for the sinners who desire և the paradises of the world.
  • It is enough for you to eat perfect love և virtues and virtues և sayings while getting rid of tribulation.
Dining table in the seventh city
  • You must leave Turkey for a future arrival in the city of Sabeh.
  • Rich foods are plentiful and limited, such as:
    Walders, nuts, and honey.
  • Food is rich in calcium, for example, Al-Khalib, Al-Zabadi, Al-Bayd, Shofan և Muslims.
  • Magnetically rich foods such as Al-Fasuliya և Nakhala Al-Shufan, Wal-Shair, Wal-Qama
    وكوشوكولاتة الداکنة ، واللوز.
  • Fiber-rich foods such as Al-Kama, Al-Shufan, Al-Din, Al-Jawz Al-India, Al-Jarjir, Al-Anb
    وأفوكادو وفول الصويا.
  • Rich food for the greedy of the mouth, such as Halib և white և white, glorious, glorious, glorious.
Transporting dining table in Samen
  • You must leave Turkey on your future arrival in Samen.
  • On the 3rd day of the world, feed the rich in permissiveness, as:
  • In case of fetal development, the development of 3 fetal noses և on its evolution, the last third of pregnancy.
  • If you do not correct it, it will add to the fact that Al-Karz Fassouf is trying to impress you.
Transporting dining table in a developing city
  • The Turks of the city must expand with the coming of the future.
  • Tumul al-Tamr is not allowed to facilitate childbirth in the last districts of the chariot
  • Tanawol al-Taum wa al-Zubayb, as far as their hands are concerned, reduces the danger of a blessed child.

And at the end of our article, on this day, your beloved wife will be advised to consult your special doctor և your hand will not be in place.
The food system is healthy for you.

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