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diseases of pregnancy

Diseases in which the fetus is implanted in the mother’s womb

A pregnant woman’s doctor’s correction should be made as needed by the patient կանոն with regular tests and examinations for peace of mind.
Children from: Diseases in which the fetus is implanted in the mother’s womb أو فیروسات الط قد تصبب تشوهات الأجنة,
So we say that what you call diseases is clear to you որ the quality of protection from them.

Diseases in which the fetus is implanted in the mother’s womb

There are many diseases that affect the fetus in the womb, the types differ in their causes.
وهي کالآتي:

Hereditary հիվանդ diseases of the genitals

  • Hereditary hereditary disease with hemophilia հիվանդ What is one of the diseases resulting from the inability of the body to produce raw materials,
    One who is engaged in the practice of producing natural blood, who has been able to easily achieve it in the sense of a thin child.
    In case of injury.
  • Symptoms of Tay-Sachs are anxiety disorders caused by a deficiency of the enzyme hexosaminidase A.
    Therefore, if a defect is found in a mass of material in a baby’s nose, it will not hit until it touches the sheath or umbilical cord.
  • Down syndrome is one of the diseases caused by the presence of ginseng, which leads to an increase in the number of chromosomes, which causes some of the yellow body և symptoms.
  • The desire to depend on the insecure is the hardening of the heart, which takes place in the wall that separates the safe from the inside.
    And he who earns by crossing the paths with oxygen instead of the body of a rich soul.

Diseases caused by infection of the fetus with certain drugs or alcohol

There are many diseases that the mother և suffers from a pregnant woman eating a woman taking certain medications without a doctor’s advice.
As soon as you eat the food that comes to you, what are the following diseases?

  • Fetal retinoid is one of the diseases caused by taking isotretinoin.
    The one who tries to cure Shabab’s love.
  • Fetal cirrhosis is included ություններից is one of the diseases that occurs as a result of protection of the mother from alcohol.
  • Fetal pregnancy with valproic acid embryopathy և What are the diseases caused by the use of falcon medicines used to treat epilepsy problems?

The cause of the embryo is unknown diseases

It is clear to doctors that there are many diseases that occur in the fetus for unknown reasons.
And from these future diseases.

  • Matlasma al-Shariaat al-Salwa.
  • Sunnah of love.
  • Internal body division.
  • Embryonic composition is required.

Quality of disease prevention, the fetus of which is placed in the mother’s womb

Although not all obstetric diseases cause fetal disease,
If you do not have some of the executions that are mandatory for a woman who is greedy for resurrection before or during the twelfth period of pregnancy.
If the fetus has a chance of getting sick to some extent, the “executions” are as follows:

The death penalty before pregnancy

Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for acne treatment before you get pregnant.
The fruit is sick, and the future.

  • The emphasis is on not suffering from sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Discontinuation of non-essential drugs.
  • Greed to eat supplements Hamd al-Fulik.
  • Taking the necessary precautions.
  • Doctors are advised to see a doctor for hereditary diseases if you are pregnant
    I do not know the existence of a family history for children with inherited diseases, so that the doctor can not restrict the fetus.
    The disease itself.

Making twelve drives

Here are some of the performances that the medical staff takes with them.
The fruit is sick, and the future.

  • Considering the citizens of the healthy food system.
  • Consult your doctor before taking medication.
  • The greed to relax is enough.
  • Competition for some relevant math exercises.
  • The system in which vitamins and supplements are consumed is described by your doctor.
  • Quit smoking or drinking alcohol.
Firosate, which arouses cravings for the fruit
  • فيروس زيكا.
  • بکتيريا المجموعة العقدية ب.
  • الحصبة الألمانية.
  • Genital herpes.
  • Plague (day of scars).
  • Alsila.
  • Al-Zahri.
  • الإيدز.
  • Listeria.
  • جدري الماء.
  • Colonial sins.

Until now, if we do not get to the end of our article on the day և adding information, it would not be correct to read this article, the signs of fetal health.

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