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diseases of pregnancy

Does carrying a bear affect the heart of a nation? – Additions:

He was meditating with a mature egg in his arms, despite his auspicious illness, so that most of the minutes in the morning were really hard, which is similar to the effect of math or luck.

The city is the birthplace of the first beautiful child, but what happened to him when this city is heavy with worries, the weakest for fear of the unknown, which lasted until the age of twelve, replaces Al-Mustashif. to receive the feasts and blessings in their homes.

The beginning of the days is a little less than the condition of his children, when the poem breathes hard with the least effort, and at night he stands at noon and reminds them that they are drowning and doubting. The people are convinced that this is the desire and jihad from the effect of carrying the first, the first way is to take it, then the catastrophe in which it is followed by the one who سرمدية.

The attack of the couple in the halving of the night is an attack to the nearest expedition for the expedition to inform them that it is known now from the army of the acute leader, and that they do not know what caused the occurrence of this now,

The focus is on your lack of resemblance to white, տ the owner of things, կո the rigidity of the fabric և the firmness of his face, which is satisfied by density. His soul, you have tried to convince me many times, is not it? An hour after the end of his life or the death of Yazid, he wished he could see the work of a special congregation in the last part if he breathed his last.

In the morning he sees the heart disease on him, he reads the current papers, from which he utters, he warns, then he hires them to spread sound waves on the heart (iko), but the injury. The doctor reports that the contraction of the heart muscle is enough to reach 35%, and the natural interruption is in the range of 55 to 70%, which means that the stroke in the heart muscle is greatly weakened. And the doctor clearly states that the state is not established, that it is open to sufficient opportunities, from the best to the worst, that the reason is mainly the rare condition connected with the wearing position.

It is a state of treatment that is common to the state և similar to the weakness of the heart muscle և the treatment of the failure of the dependent heart’s responsibilities և the short դիր position of the final results is a book of destiny.

Weakness of the heart muscle, which depends on the carrier. events և numbers

What is the case in the previous story, which is the scenario, most of which are repeated in the actual situation in the state of weakness of the heart muscle attached to the bearing, and which is normal in the last city of the bearer, or cut the city one by one. The first story about heart disease is that it interprets the treatment of thunderstorms, which causes it to be present to patients, sufferers, and even doctors.

Latin peri-partum cardiomyopathy as peri-partum means around, before or after childbirth, but cardiomyopathy means weakness of the heart muscle. Whether this disease has been known in medicine since the middle of the thirteenth century, because the cause is limited to the patient, it does not reach the unknown, և it gives until the moment of interpretation, which is simply a matter of opinion.

The United States has registered a high-income family in its current state, as it studies an average of 900 to 4 children, և your task is to see which 15%. As for Nigeria, it is not registered as one of the tallest clans in the world և has one point for every 100 children.

And we know the risk factors for the seriousness of scientific lessons, as the radius of the probability of a strike has been set due to the created situation.

  • The height of a twelve-year-old child over the age of three is generally not more than forty to thirty.
  • Increasing the number of carriers.
  • Increased risk of heart damage for many of the hands in the arteries, such as the sky, blood pressure, and sugar.
  • Pregnancy is associated with preeclampsia, which is a serious condition that affects the whole body և the presence of protein in the urine, heart rate և swelling of the body.
  • Some nutrients, such as silicon, are deficient in seafood, and some extracts are high in fat. And the woman who exists in the prostitute, the people in her womb.
  • Some hereditary factors և A large number of considerations for companions of African descent.

And some of the scientific evidence that comes to him more than the truth երը the order, և he emphasizes that more than daughters (broccoli) is in the last carrier,

This is the heart of the elf.

It is permissible to divide disasters into three parts in terms of your current condition in terms of recovery opportunities.

  • First, Sitassa gradually goes the way of the major or the almighty, but that does not mean that she considers the responsibilities of a serious virgin, the system, the natural heart, in whole or in part.
  • Second. He is looking for exacerbations of the disease for patients, such as atheist failure in heart responsibilities որը lung exhortation.
  • Third. The unfortunate, grave misfortune of the believers for days, or days at least, is the result of doubling the danger of your present condition.

In the Sunnah, the small number of the past և the good of medical observation, there is no voice in the country, the essence of the healthiest systems, the growth of a dynasty too large for the present և the reduction. performance opportunities. An American study of hadith shows that it is rewarded with 100 cases of misfortune, and the patient is generally full-time, of which more than 70% have the ability to contract the heart muscle in a ratio of more than 50% (out of the normal 70). ) Chronic myocardial infarction (at least 35% heart rate equivalent).

What are the treatment options?

Treatment is very similar to heart muscle relaxation և lowering և acute և temporal replication treatments, but you have some specific treatments that agree with strong theories of how to interpret injury with your current.

Acute myocardial infarction և in the phase of eternal cycle decline

  • التنفس الاصطناعي والمحاليل الوريدية التي تحسن انقباض عضلة القلب وترفع ضغط الدم في الحالات الأشد خطورة, والتي قد تحتاج بعض الأجهزة الداعمة للقلب الأكثر تقدما وصعبة التوافر في مصر ومعظم البلدان النامية, مثل جهاز الأكسجة الغشائية خارج الجسم ECMO, وجهاز Impella الذي يمكن اعتباره قلبا صناعيا يوضع In the heart إ خلخ.
  • The circulatory system of the heart, according to the tested, is the pressure of the heart, that is, to remove unnecessary issues that are excreted in the lungs and organs, as a result of which the weak heart is unable to function in the distribution of the heart.
  • It is impossible for nitrates to penetrate the heart according to the test, which has its part in reducing the load on the heart muscle.
  • Different levels of oxygen demand according to the needs of all patients.
  • He dared to stop the contractions of the pulse, և it prevented the emergence of waves, which did not occur in the legs և in the pool, և when the bullets reached the pulmonary arteries,
  • The exact function of responsibilities is sufficient for the vital organs, not the face, the whole liver.

After confirming the symptoms and complications of atheism

The number of two useful meetings is useful for the patient, the weakness of the heart muscle և failure of time in their responsibilities, իմ the knowledge of բժիշ cardiologists և specialists, such as home conflicts. .

Who occupied some people to some extent? Stop the heart muscle, which is one of the reasons for doing so.

Special treatment

They are a means of treatment և the prescriber is the primary condition of the diagnosis, which is natural breastfeeding և giving the body a double contraction, like bromocrit, whose forehead appears on the other side.

وفي الحالات التي تتطور في أواخر الحمل, فلابد من فريق طبي متكامل من أطباء القلب والرعاية المركزة والنساء والتوليد لاتخاذ القرار الأنسب لكل حالة فيما يتعلق بموعد الولادة, وطريقتها, والعلاجات التي يمكن إعطاؤها دون أن تضر بالأم أو الجنين, وبالطبع الأولوية القصوى لإنقاذهما معا, فإن Forgive me for that, the eloquence of the first nation (and the choice in it in some words proves the separation of prayer from reason և reality).

And because of the conditions developing in him, the weakness of the heart muscle intensifies as long as it is not permanent.

And at the level of research you can imagine the impossibility of the bodies of forbidden contradictions, but it does not seem to have the effect of an active measure.

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How can you hit your current situation?

If you do not know the exact cause of the present, then the sadness of the environment surrounds some aspects of the prevention and treatment line. But what you know so far, when you know that the disease is caused by restraints, it is difficult to repeat the pregnancy from the past, և you are exposed to the present during the previous pregnancy. وايضًا محاولة تجنب الحمل لدى السيدات الأكبر سنّا

And some general tips available to them are a relative benefit to reduce the likelihood of hitting the current situation, ծանր protecting the heart from weight և measuring the overall aspect.

  • Quitting smoking և Incense.
  • Eat as healthy a lifestyle as possible before pregnancy ելու Maintain regular maturity during pregnancy, maintain dirty oral responsibilities համար Maintain weight.
  • The path of risk factors is known for heart disease if it is new, such as intoxication or suffocation; cholesterol disorder;

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