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diseases of pregnancy

Duodenal augmentation. Carrying items should be lost in your loan

Carrying is a sensitive time for a woman. And the protection of maternal and fetal health is of great importance, as if there is no warning and there is no doctor who warns that he can go for a serious double.

The height of the duodenum may double to carry a serious double if left untreated, as it is possible for the duodenum to reach the udder, the embryo to develop, and the unborn baby to die. And what is the problem for the citizens to live a healthy and nutritious life during pregnancy, to carry out regular preparatory work? The details and all about this topic are from the news of your master և children.

High blood pressure before pregnancy

Planting pipes is one of the reasons for the high pressure

High blood pressure may be present before the onset of pregnancy, or it may occur during pregnancy. There are many reasons for the height of the duodenum that carries.
– Body:
Existence of a family history of injuries due to pregnancy-related blood pressure
– الحمل الأول:
– Transfer after 35 years old
– Carrying children with children:
– داء السكري:
– التدخين:
– Internal obstructive diseases
– Lack of physical development

Symptoms of high blood pressure during pregnancy

– Vomiting և vomiting
– الصداع والتعب:
– Weight gain or abdominal injection in the form of muscles
– ألم في الززء العلوي من التن:
Respiratory failure
– More broth in the urine

Height types are associated with wearing

You have no visible symptoms
It is possible to get pregnant by name

There are different types of heights, from the height of the leg to the position of the woman. Knowledge of symptoms and how they interact in the early stages or issues is important for all mothers and children. فيما يلي أربع:
Instantaneous pressure height
The height of suffocation before pregnancy, which occurs before pregnancy b. It is difficult to detect this type in terms of not seeing visible signs in the early stages of pregnancy.
High blood pressure during pregnancy
He hit some women after 20 minutes of pregnancy with the effect of drowning. And the women of Lavat mean the height of the wearer, the end of the mataf is included in the name of the wearer, but there are no other signs of excessive brownness or loss of limbs in us. the height of this type of carrier.
Tasm al-Hammal
It depends on the pressure level 20 minutes after the name of the carrier. Animal organs, such as the whole liver and brain, may be lost. If he is not treated, he will go to the next double health. In such cases, the condition of all the umbilical cords և fetus in one focus.
Women are said to suffer from the effects of stomach cramps before pregnancy when they experience pain during pregnancy. With the benefits of raw materials in us և other doubling.

How can the height of the heart be affected by the bearing?

Heart disease directly
Heart disease directly

He takes a breath. And when the breath does not reach the one who is out of breath, the hand carries oxygen and nutrients to the baby. And it is possible that he will go to the unborn child and at the moment of being born thin, and the other one will double.
Patient separation. Separation of the patient is a natural condition in terms of separation from mercy from age, the result is that if you need it, until the blessed child in some circumstances overcomes the vessel that threatens the object. And if he does not do that, then he will delay the development of the child.
Heart disease և dementia ուստ loss of other organs. And here’s what happens next. And if he sees the height of the stomach pressure to the point of losing other limbs, in some situations he will limit his life.

What can you do to reduce the risk?

Healthy food - the basics of treatment
The importance of healthy eating

کوني نشيطة: Your followers may be able to adjust to the weight defense needs of your body to reduce the risk of high blood pressure.
Follow the system food. It helps the citizens of the food system to feed the mother and the whole child in order to survive.
قولي لا للتدخين: The smoker may have a negative effect on the wearer. So she said that during pregnancy she should not smoke, she should wear what is usually harmful, dangerous.
تحكمي بتوترك: He carries the burden of changing his body and soul.
Zuri al-Tabib on a regular basis. It is clear from many resurrections that you are in good health, those who do not know the ordinary test are not right. If it is possible to arrange regular visits to the doctor in case of limitation or unforeseen changes in the organism. It is necessary to take care of blood density, blood sugar and weight in order.


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