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Pregnant feeding

During Riyadh season activities … Food should be carried on a carrier

If you are pregnant գործընկեր trading partners with Riyadh 2021 season activity, you need to make sure you stay out of the house և eat your food in your diet և have 7 meals.

Eat in foreign countries during pregnancy

General rule: it is obligatory to use food outside the house during pregnancy. As long as the distribution of food was due to the exclusion of bacteria that cause germination. And most of the bacterial species are common, it is possible that they produce food for listeria-carrying salmonella. The presence of these bacteria is normal in the intention to eat seriously or not to eat in the kitchen.

Definition of Al-Mazid. The fruit egg in the fourth city

1- Danger of eating sushi

Intended names in Al-Zaybaq in Sushi

Sushi mostly according to the art of intentions. In fact, the food system is not nourished, it is edible, it is located on the nucleus in the breast under the name of intent, which can affect if consumed with large amounts of fat. on the gallbladder.

2. Is chocolate chocolate healthy?

The chocolate or tiramisu under which these sweets are placed on a raw or white egg, from which it is given to the enemy to take in the womb for the nation. If the bacterium passes through the uterus and sends it to the fetus, it will not reach the uterus.

It requires a non-obsessive-compulsive disorder that can cause fetal nerve damage if it is a good lesson.

Definition of Al-Mazid. Names of children և their children

3-Barbecue, Dajaj Tanduri

The stubborn dwarf from the dodge adaptation that comes to him as he gets older, whether he intends to or not.

4-Chinese food

It is difficult for you to eat the breast food in which it is enriched with MSG or in the form of one breast.

Under the attributes of the sinuses are also added high proportions of the chest. It is possible that she eats a large amount from the breast, continuing the food system until the infusion, vomiting, division of pregnancy.

An example of a proverbial method of breastfeeding is the requirement of food not to add MSG to them.

5- Sweets and their dangers on the wearer

Connections և Dangers on the carrier

The biggest sweets are empty eggs. But if you were given the first sweet, for example, ice cream or cream with a manager’s garnish, if you were under a dreamer other than an embroiderer or an egg, you would have more than one chance to hit the salmon. The best way to get rid of it is to rely on Indian sweets or the right choice of caramel. How to clean an egg?

Introduction Al-Mazid. Most of the conditions for children in the Riyadh season of 2021.

6 الصصات والتوابل:

If you think that eating sandwiches is the best way to save you, especially if you are a baker. But the waiter is not the baker who reminds him of the prayer. If it contains mayonnaise ը the power of the king և the other, it is unlikely to harm the health of the child.

7- Sovereignty:

Sovereignty in obedience if you are not a slave

Sultans. Awareness of the fact ադրության the intention in the food, in which the version is correct. If there is a possibility that he will not do his job properly, it will cause him to multiply the germ.

Note from “Sidati Net”. Before using this description or this treatment, consult a specialist.

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