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stages of pregnancy

Electronic Balance Account 2021 հաշվի Quality of time account detail

Electronic Carrying Account 2021, The new system takes into account the pregnancy and limits the date of birth in a precise way through the electronic pregnancy account and interacts with some statements to follow this pregnancy and follow the development of the fetus and other than the necessary details.

Electronic bearing account 2021

This is an accurate device for making electronic calculations on pregnancy ղի fetal life և it’s the date of the first day to delay the end of the urban period: the expected acquisition date will be calculated. , և the limit will be limited that day.

It should be noted that most of the days are marked on the account of pregnancy սպաս waiting for the birth of a child, so the bill of carrying the date is added by 9 points և 7 days to the date of the first day. to the last district of the city,

What will the bill be?

The number of women who use a single woman carrying account when she launches an attack, as seen in the last book, which is the electronic carrier account that has a checking account. Date և Assignment Date:

The account of the person who brought it on the bus

All carriers want to know the stages of pregnancy և fetal development և they are far from breastfeeding at the expense of the greatest medical knowledge առանձնահատ in terms of specific fetal health presentation.

Divide this score until it reaches the first branch, the third branch is saddled, and it triples in order. Wear it, և it is to know the woman who has enough information, who exchanges her knowledge with the forearm.

Accounting account

After examination methods, such as a heart test or a home test to confirm the onset of pregnancy.

  • It is obligatory to enter the hand by entering the date from the first day of the city district to the last day, and then to get the knowledge of the bearer about reaching the pregnant woman, knowing what condition they are in from the first to the first. first in the form of accurate preservation of its identity.
  • Knowing the method of transportation, the term of transportation expires at the present moment, that period is suspended during the whole period of bearing.
  • Because this account shows the city or current accounting period, as well as the number of special days for the date.

Account to take in the city

The e-mail receives the account of the workload from which the broadcast message is issued, up to the number of the citizen remaining until the date of birth.

To calculate the pregnancy account correctly, carry the account of the year of birth or hijri in the city, as there is a number of days at the end of the city of pregnancy.

Transfer account for rent

تقوم حاسبة الحمل الدقيقة بحساب الحمل من أخر دورة شهرية بالتاريخ الهجري, ويرجع ذلك الي قيام بعض الدول العربية باستخدام التاريخ الهجري في حياتهم اليومية, وتزود هذه الحاسبة الهجرية المرأة الحامل بتاريخ الإخصاب وتاريخ الولادة المتوقع بالهجري دون الحاجة الى تحويل التاريخ قبل استخدام هذه الحاسبة, حيث I do not know the exact date of the Hijri.

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