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diseases of pregnancy

Errors spreading on media

Carrying is a great experience, but without danger, the nation is obliged to be greedy, enjoying the pleasure of carrying, so that the tendency to make mistakes harms its children.

And in the wearer one can find 5 common misconceptions, which define him through the wearer’s suture, and the forearms when wearing the senses.

1- Violation of medical appointments

The second period with a gynecologist during pregnancy is not optional, the second period is recommended for those who know what comes with the fetus, which assures the one who:

Therefore, there is no difference at all between the “doctor” of the precursors.

2- Do not evade bad habits

العادات السيئة مثل التدخين, شرب الكحوليات, السهر, تناول الأطعمة غير الصحية مثل الوجبات السريعة والمقليات واللحوم المصنعة والأطعمة المليئة بالسكر المصنع, جميعها عادات تعرض الأم للسمنة, ما يؤثر على صحة حملها, كما ينتقل هذا الضرر للجنين, ويجعله معرضا للإصابة بالسمنة, وأمراض السكري And the heart, because the Yezidi has the opportunity of a blessed child, և warns the child about a child suffering from a number of diseases.

Therefore, be careful what you do to get rid of your bad habits when carrying the corpse or if you know what you are carrying.

3- Extremes in food

The carrier needs only 250 extra hot peppers a day, more than natural hot peppers, so the excess in the food is harmful to the fetus, which is more than the weight of the skin, which causes the skin to swell. .

4- Excess in the need to buy the product

If a nation gains և distributes more than is required of a commodity that cannot be supplied to them at all, it means wealth management.

Therefore, declaring the necessary need, and obtaining the necessary after birth, we know that there is a real need for it.

5- Evacuation of public life

The suspicion of some nations that the opening of the veil means the evacuation of social life to perfection is what makes them offer to hit the book.

Therefore, do not deviate from your social interests, enjoy the caring activities that precede you և your relatives.

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