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Pregnant feeding

Fawaid Asir for the bearer of Qasb al-Sukr

Healthy food during pregnancy is one of the most important issues for the carrier. If they are greedy for food և choosing healthy drinks և use it when food is beaten, then you have the power of the bearer և in food և wine. We are afraid of pregnant women, the attack of their fruits, the beating of a drunken donkey, our topic, the choice of a bearing imam. فباضهن يقبلن عليه, والبعض الآخر قد يفضنه; Fear of harm .. The meaning of the doctor’s nutrition is not allowed to explain և explain.

Fayda Asir for the bearer of Qasb al-Sukr

Buttercups contain a lot of botany
  • It is easier to eat from the heart of drunkenness in the form of the lungs during the day, to prepare the mood, to get rid of tumors and books during pregnancy.
  • It grows on the development of size for the fetus, but the abundance of drinking water on them is dangerous for reversing the size. Restrictions prevent a carrier woman from reaching poverty
  • It helps to facilitate the collection of food և liver և brain condition. The body is one of the empty toxins in us,
  • ینشط السعادة; As it helps to produce love endorphins, it acts on the production of the hormone oxytocin, which protects emotional poets.
  • Treats some types of cancer; Like breast cancer, it is impossible for cancer to survive in small numbers.وعصير الصصب شراب قلوي; لأنه يحتوي على مستووات عالية على البوتاسيوم والكلسیوم والمنغنيز والحديد.
  • It nourishes the liver և maintains its health and strength; It does not protect the smooth surface in the form of contraction, it benefits the liver.
  • One is the enemy of the barrier, that the butcher’s juice is from eating lemon juice and Indian nutmeg.
  • Strengthens the heart, nerves և muscles; Contains botany and other nutrients:

One of the most troubling causes of high blood pressure

the night of the drunkenness of the oppressed
  • Asir al-Qasb helps reduce cholesterol in the duodenum for people with congestion.
  • Assad al-Qasb facilitates regular nutrition in the treatment of all problems. As it removes toxins from the body, it acts on us

Asir al-Qasb takes care of the carrier of the disease

قصب السكر عصير طيب المذاق..تشتهيه الحامل:
  • The night of drunkenness is the night of good taste, the appetite of some women during pregnancy, և it is one of the useful stones; The source is rich in a number of vitamins and minerals
  • It is used to prevent pain after menstruation, and during pregnancy a woman’s diet should contain all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
  • The continuation of drinking water from the heart of a butcher is seen in the war of bacteria, instinct and the enemy of fire.

Symptoms և It is easier to eat sugar cane at a discount

Yaqf Asir Kasb Al-Sukr Jatian Al-Hamli
  • Consumption on the day of slaughter of the drunkard ensures the survival of bilirubin in the natural mast, which in its duties guarantees the resurrection of the liver.
  • It helps to increase the intoxication of the organism, strengthening the clogging of the body, and during the period of pregnancy the woman survives seriously.
  • Excess weight is one of the problems that a woman swallows during pregnancy, but disciplined deprivation to gain weight will lead to excess.
  • Yasad Asir Kasb Al-Sukr Al-Tasfif Al-Jatyan Al-Dhi, which means the woman who wears it և achieves the best results. It is better to add points from ginger extract to it

Asir al-Qasb is a source of help

  • One of the common problems is inflammation of the urethra during pregnancy, and the awareness of the mind with knowledge, not with relaxation.
  • The essence of alcoholism is the poisoning of alcohol, which is used as a source of poisoning.
  • It is possible to use the heart’s ability to treat and get rid of dental problems. Given the need for calcium և magnesium for dental health

Precautions for the bearer of drinking al-Qasb al-Sakr

Sound and stimulation of the stomach .. due to excessive carrier:
  • A pregnant woman should not be tempted to drink the butcher’s juice in moderation և Do not abuse it, especially if you suffer from pre-pregnancy intoxication or pregnancy intoxication.
  • How to emphasize the captivity from where purity is given, then from the places that are divided into purity. The woman who takes the food to offer food or the enemy of the stomach
  • Guaranteed side effects for drinking poisoning juice .. Al-Sadda, appetite suppression, nausea, constipation, nausea
  • There are no manifestations of these symptoms, except when you drink too much of this fruit.

In the house of Tahzir Asir Qasb al-Sukr

  • On the way to summon the slaves, drunkenness and crushing, and cutting to the small, then the situation inside the barracks to be handed over to Asmik Samik is clear.
  • It is put in a trio և drink, և it is possible to add ginger extract or lemon juice or juice or Indian nutmeg or novelty to the butcher’s juice; Luxury is discrimination

The price of captive food is sugar fur

Loss of sugar toxins is a major burden for food carriers
  • Contains a total of 28.35 grams of Brutin from a night of drunkenness
  • 0.19: غرام من الماء:0.09: غرام من الدهون:
  • 111.43: Hurricane:..25.71: غرام من السكريات:
  • 0.16: Milli Jaram Vitamin from Aliboflavin..0.2: Milli Gharam From Vitamin Niasin
  • 32.57: Millions of gallons of calcium..0.57: From Milli Gharam Al-Hadid
  • 2.49: Milli from Gharam Al-Magnesium..162.86: Milli gharam botas
  • 0.09: Milli Gharam Al-Manganiz

Note from “Sidati Net”. Before using this description or this treatment, consult a specialist.

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