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Pregnant feeding

Feeding the fetus in the city առաջին first և long pregnancy

The bearing nation is restless for most of the pregnancy. Especially in particular Feeding the fruit in the first city ، وحرصًا منا على مساعدتكِ; The object is for you on the path of the legal successor. فتابعينا.

Feeding the fruit in the first city

  • From the beginning, they needed to know that not all of the above were necessary.
    Consult a specialist և Advise him / her about anything he / she is interested in.
  • أما عن: Feeding the fruit in the first city; فيُفضل تناول الحبوب الكاملة,
    And sayings like Al-Hamsa և Al-Fasulia և Al-Aghdas, like he’s national food, like he’s Al-Jarjir և Al-Sabanbah և Al-Bakduns, որոշ some other green vegetables.

And then we introduced ourselves Feeding the fruit in the first city.. Follow us on the next page to offer the best: Carrier power supply طوال فترة الحمل.

Carrier power supply

  • It is recommended that the carrier insert the food into the carrier for a period of time to keep it safe.
    وصحة جنينها ، ومنها:
    – Al-Takhar from eating fiber.
    -Vitamins և minerals, but they should be eaten under the supervision of a special doctor
    There is no attractiveness or desire for the fetus in pregnancy.
    The delusions of plant sources are like those of olives, and the ultimate deviation from the consumption of delusions is from animal sources, such as the abominable.
    Al-Brutinat al-Lahum al-Khaliya al-Dahun, և of them.
    وفضل تناولها يوميًا.
    – The products of established Albanians, such as Al-Jinn, Al-Khalib և Al-Zabadi.
    Al-carbohydrates such as Al-Khabz, Wal-Habub, Wal-Batta, Wal-Arz, Wal-Makrun.

And now, I offer you a table with the best dishes in each city of the city. Carry:; فتابعينا في الآتي.

Carrier food table

At the beginning of the article we first offer the food table of the person who brings it to the city, and now we offer it to the rest of the city.

City: Food
The second city Foods rich in “eh” vitamins, such as almonds, olives, raw berries, egg whites – avocados, as well as ginger.
Third city Drink plenty of water, so do not drink at least 10 glasses
The national issue with the help of food and water that day.
City: High-quality raw materials, such as oatmeal, egg whites, food, or beverages rich in vitamin C, such as lemon, are borderline rich.

الخهر الخامس: Eat vitamins C, such as lemons, tomatoes, berries, broccoli, and national calcium-rich foods, such as nuts, nuts, and vegetables, cold.
Al-Sadd City: Eat food, sayings, food և perfect love.
City hours: It is better to eat rich food after a long meal in the seventh city.
City of Al-Samen Eating the fruit of a corpse or the fruit of a non-local donkey, and the food of the rich with the help of 3 worlds.
Development city: In Tanawul al-Taum, և he աֆ from Haftin al-Zubayb, everyone waited.

And finally, և after that we presented it to the carrier’s food table; Follow us, according to his legal successor, to whom it is forbidden.

The one who is forbidden to wear in the first city

In the first city you are forbidden from a nation that carries food; the duration of pregnancy is the following, from them.

  • الجنن الطري.
  • Albayaya.
  • Alenanas.
  • Food և artifacts.
  • Animal liver; One who is rich in vitamins, one who harms the health of the fetus, one who suffers from thirst.
  • The food is like the taste, and the egg is not eaten without the seriousness of the cooks, and the food that is underneath.
    On the ovaries; For those born in the womb or for the offspring of a stillborn fetus.
  • Al-Khalib is not the best or the raw material, it’s the food that goes into it.
  • Plants are the essence of green fields.
  • Food or drink or shelter under which is enough.
  • Al-Asmak al-Zaytiyyah, which is exposed to pollution chemicals such as Sardinian,
    والتونة الطازجة.
  • Al-Mukawlat al-Bahri al-Mukhana wa al-Mabrdah.
  • Rich sky with the loss of the right to harm
    With the permission of the nervous system for the fetus, such as Al-Karsh, Abu Al-Saif, Valmarli.
  • You can not buy more than a quarter of what you have in the middle of the volume, the weight of the filter is 140 grams, except for the consumption limit.

But if we do not reach the final: Feeding the fruit in the first city. Pregnancy problems և its solutions

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