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Food allegory. What is the average interest of a person with a short life?

  • James Jalaghr
  • Author of Health Science – BBC

صدر الصورة, Getty Images:

If at the stage of shortening the life of the body it is not possible for us to be satisfied with the total weight, then it leads to a non-previous process of using the body for meditation.

The study of 6,400 people was extended to build them from the eighth day to 95 years in 29 states, until the practice of food transfer became the “best images” for a long time.

As the average of the days reaches its age in the life of the Sunnah, it is established in the stage of life at the age of 20 to 60, and then it turns into a big horse.

However, they said that the results of this lesson relate to the new knowledge of the human body.

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