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Pregnant feeding

Food organization. Plastic in the body leads to food safety, health and well-being

Absorption of plastic waste is like that of a blacksmith with a large egg in its vicinity, except that the action of the chest, which is organized by the explosion, is performed from the soil on which the soil grows.

And Maria Hilina Simido, Deputy General Director for the Order of Faith, in the introduction of the report.

“Training is one of the main areas of plastic production, which is based on agricultural transactions. It is known that (training) is subject to the largest amount of precise plastic materials compared to the environment.”

Religious figures

In addition to the usual food news information, the total agricultural price chain is 12.5 million tons of plastic products, with 37.3 million tons remaining in food supplies.

Production and wealth of livestock products in Sanvia 10.2 million tons will be cut into sections.

Destiny Discussion Asia is the largest employer of plastics in agricultural production, as its formation is closer to half of global employment. In addition, there are no applicable examples of applications that are expected to increase the demand for explosives in agriculture.

As demand for blasting continues to grow for agricultural use, the intensity of the hand intensifies over the quantities that “carry the price of agriculture” with the need to provide the best eggs.

Risk balance

Plastic materials are available, with the exception of large-scale five-century-old speech, which is available everywhere.

Expansion of plastic production in agriculture in the form of large-scale production, such as factory rotation, to reduce the cost of damage. And work for them to cultivate crops, to nurture plant growth, to extend the agricultural season, to increase abundance. And in the distribution of local resources, the protection of trees and animals from animals and animals is popular.

However, out of the 6.3 billion barrels of plastic produced by 2015, it is almost impossible to get 80 out of the water.

In the case of the impact of large plastics on the marine animal world, it has been certified separately, except for the effects of the constellation, which have been reduced to have a full effect on the regular system.

There is no safe place for plastic bodies

And the issue is the accuracy of the plastic material, at least 5 mm, in the upper part of the human և body, ազգ the object փոխանց is transmitted to the object through the nations.

Most scientific research on plastic production is justified by the regular water system, it is said that the regular food system – the crop that the field cultivates, the plant will keep its front.

The power of attorney of the nation for the need for further research in this case, see that 93 water is imported from the development of world agriculture.

And the Deputy General Director of the Ministry of Education Maria Hilina Simido said. “This report is a good example of how not to take the lead, to facilitate the administration of a serious administration, to the extent of the use of artifacts for agricultural plastics.”

Guide suggestions:

You see, there are no alternatives that can be used, as it is impossible to find plastic materials, և there is no “magic solution” to remove the damage.

And with that there is a limit to the number of solutions based on “acceptance, return decision, reduction, return to work, return of turnover և withdrawal”.

View the report as well as the coded behavior of the day, including all aspects of the blast.

And Sa’id al-Sa’id said: “The food և agriculture system is organized in a game.

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