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Pregnant feeding

For the carrier .. 5 useful nutrients for the heart և body of the fetus

If procreation is very important, then the health of the fetus, on the other hand, is special, so it is necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle, to present the line that is maintained in a balanced diet. eating և eating the food you eat.

And the woman who carries the food system is balanced with perfect love with the rich, and the greens and the empty are empty from the heart, the one who tries to feed the rich with food, the fruit of the fruit, the fruit of which is the fruit of the scales.

And the news of the bearer produces the products of rich Albanians with its origin – calcium and phosphorus, and the liver of the rich with the taste of cumin and beans.

As the bearer’s message warns him to move some of the food he is looking for, then turn the fruit’s heart while carrying it, for example, enough coffee, extra breast in the food,

And what is the food element that needs its development, և from it the heart of the fruit?

– Calcium

There is calcium in Albanian products,: it is recommended that we do not consume 1000 whole calcium a day, so if your food is not enough, you can eat low-calcium supplements.

ونقص الكالسيوم في غذاء الحامل, ربما يسبب مشاكل بعظام جنينها, وبخاصة إذا كانت صغيرة السن, فالجسم يقوم باستخدام الكالسيوم لتلبية احتياجاته الخاصة, أما إذا كان سنها مناسب, فسيقوم الجنين بأخذ احتياجاته من الكالسيوم من مخزون جسمها, مما قد يسبب لها مشاكل بأسنانها وعظامها في Future.

– Vitamin D:

As the carrier’s message is corrected with the onset of ejaculation of eggs և salmon’s eggs, liver և calf և D’s vitamin D play, the game is important for calcium absorption. carrier

– Phosphorus

Phosphorus is found in the body, it is recommended not to count less than 700 phosphors a day.


There is an element of thiamine in the great product of people բազ basalt և storm,, և it is recommended that we say no less than three to 1.4 every day.

– النحاس:

There is an element of disgust in the bile and joints and liver of the poor and miserable, it is recommended not to say less than 1 whole anus a day.

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