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From Al-Ghati: The interrogator entered the image of “Ritsa” .. and witnessed the transformation.

– Al-Jaiti. Al-Mustashifi’s entry into the image of “Rica” – a witness to the transformation of the truth
– Ask the doctor to introduce “Mariam”, a national person, in detail
– “Children of the fans” is the new legitimacy in Ramadan, and the Emir of Egypt is the closest.
– The desire for cinema is a big part of drama … և “Moon 14” is different from the current film

Fanna is excited about the variety of actions she’s coded in the feature-length film Rica, as found in The Rumble: They Know Cancer in Action.

How much do you claim that a person is responsible for a challenge և accepts it when it is present for a long time?

As you can see in the legal sections of the new drama in the city of Ramadan, except for the details of this section.

Who is your partner in “Rica”?

الحقيقة أنني وجدت الفيلم ممتعا, خاصة أنه ينتمي إلى نوعية الأعمال الرومانسية, وبه علاقات وتفاصيل كثيرة للغاية ومتشابكة, كما أن شخصية «مريم” التي جسدتها بالفيلم جذبتني لأن الشخصية تحمل تحديا كبيرا حيث إنها مصابة بالسرطان وفي نفس الوقت موضوعة في تحد بموقف يتعلق بحياتها الشخصية .

How is your personality talent?

You are greedy for a reminder, you are present to the person for a long time, because you are irritated by every detail in the action, as if you were sitting in the action group with the one who came out with his hand on his forehead. and the author with his forearm to cling to his forehead.

Tolerate your character more than mental illness, what happened to them?

The truth is that the details of a person are very different, և long calling hours, when you sit with a doctor who is sincere enough to grow up in the sense of “Mary”, Ayman Yusuf, and whoever you attribute to the example of the parent in the image, and the author, Mu’taz, conquers and expels Ahmad Yasri, and the whole of the difference of action, and what made him a poem that is capable and presented to him.

What’s most important for a person suffering from cancer?

It’s not possible what it is, but it does not mean that this disease is the core of his life, but it does not have a real seizure, it does not mean that it is the happiness of a person waking up, then

ونرى في علقة مي بزوغها أنهها زوجان سغار ف الس السن فهي ترفض عقراب منها هرچند لهه و وعفري في بدايت العمل الصب

And what do you do to personally act on them?

I have most of the action on the film from the elements of intercourse between and between couples Amir al-Masri and the last element related to the health of the patient to practice and hit with the disease, For all the details և details, but at the end of the operation you can enjoy it separately.

What happened to your’s relationship with the Egyptian emperor?

We have a common group of chemicals, և it refers to the fact that we are sincere in everything that is close to us, և it is natural that a person does what he does sincerely, the best of which is from the front, which. is where art is in its place.

What is the difficulty of witnessing to you?

He asked me to believe that if you were married to a couple and you thought that it was a prelude to me to write poetry on the basis of it, but the thought that all of them concentrated on what the philosopher said was, As for the problem և situation, as you are now finally open with the film և this ամեն is the best և the most beautiful thing in the action, which we do not know the sad ending is the most beautiful և that you are the area for which the witness imagines that what happened

What would you say about the collaboration of your artists Mahmoud Hamida?

Unfortunately, we are the only witnesses in Mashhad …

What are the similarities between the movie “Moon 14”?

The films are different, as long as they do not gather in the Romanian affairs team, so that the love story in the film is different, և in the end we have a film where we will shoot. The second difference is that “Moon 14” in the film is enough to gather the resurrection in the way of communication, between us “Ritsa” tries to find a way to have a human in each of us.

Who is affected by the personality that preceded their actions?

هذا يختلف من شخص لآخر وأنا أعرف أشخاص تكون لديها قدرة أن تخرج طاقتها كلها في المشهد وبعد أن تنتهي من التصوير كأن لم يحدث لها شيء ولا تتأثر نهائيا, وهناك أشخاص أخرى تتأثر بالشخصية التي تقدمها وممكن أن تعيش معها أياما وشهورا وأحيانا عاما كاملا بعد التصوير وأنا A man who was born in the twelfth position because of his position, and then in the twelfth case the hadith is shown only in the film “Rica”. high degree of success.

What is the closest position to what happened to you in “Ritsa”?

أني ترضت للتعب و دخلت المستشفى

The best roles in movies or TV drama?

No … I like acting in movies, most of them are 100% in movies.

What are your new actions?

A new machine gun is attached to the name of the “Children of Abad” with the honorable Mukaraj Farid, and the product is from “thirty studios”, he wrote the Harma parchment, and it is ordered that he bears the previous Ramadan season.

What is your security for the new society?

I am sure that the whole poem will be happy, everyone will be safe.

می الغيطي:

می الغيطي:می الغيطي:

می الغيطي:می الغيطي:

Let al-Ghati be the source of the pyramidsLet al-Ghati be the source of the pyramids

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