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diseases of pregnancy

Habits of wanting to get pregnant | Side Magazine:

If you think during your pregnancy or actually do something, you will not be able to establish the authority of your lifestyle. It is possible to make some changes in the routine of life in order to appreciate what is special for you և your partner. Our actions are daily, we do not obey it, even if we are not born, it affects our health and well-being. One aspect of our health that affects the joints of our lifestyle is the set of contraceptive habits that doctors classify as “your master’s your child.”

1. The believer:

The image is affected by the probability of pregnancy

For women. it greatly affects a woman’s weight and her hormone production. It is possible that she loses weight or increases it in a way that causes natural obesity, և it is possible to be anxious in case of anxiety in the city …
For men. Excessive temperament tends to constrict testosterone testicles, most of which pose a risk of stunted production and contraction of their joints.

2. Consumption of advertising

For women. Yaddin smokes incense to the sheikh to clean the vagina and stretch the ovaries before they reach other health problems.
In men, it contains the smoke of strangers in various places, including nicotine, which is converted into a substance in the body that affects the movement of human animals.

3. Jihad

According to some marriages, bearing a carrier may cause additional anxiety, especially if they are one or all of them are afraid of their fears. Many people, from one or the other book to hormonal disorders, can eventually cause problems in the profession.

4. Disruption of hormones:

Harmony prevents pregnancy

It is possible for women to cheat on their property due to a number of factors, such as the history of women in the urban area, the loss of extruders, prostitutes, it may affect the body և body.
In men, the effect of hormones such as brolactin-estrogen on the production of the latter hormone is called testosterone.
Introduction Al-Mazid. West!

5. Bleeding

In men, the temperature rises for many hours until the temperature drops. There is time in the pools of the living room, and the inside of the clothes is tight, and the carrier takes the manager to the kitchen, all this affects the man’s character.

6. التلوث:

Because it is possible that the effects of weeds և insects և other chemicals also affect the acquisition of man և woman.

7. Attack on poison

The effects of toxins, such as luxury items, are realized

Whoever is exposed to the work of manufacturers during industrial operations, such as agates, chemicals, offers dental comfort at higher levels of nitrous oxide. In addition, there is a shortage of actors in the field of poetry, some other fields, which have been subjected to a special inconsistency due to the discovery of material goods.

8. Strong physical development

If you do exercise, getting a loan is enough for the names or the reasons for the consequences, the effect of the acquisition will be negative. Women in the state may revert to repetitive, repetitive exercises that indicate obedience issues and produce the items needed to carry them. It is possible for a moderate body to live like a sheep after a meal with a mate if it works wonders for your health։ intellect.

9. The peak of the numbers

Individuals who claim to have more overnight stays than most justified cortisol jihadists are all known to establish a proper health period.

10. Alcohol, in addition to health

Achievement among all healthy “non-healthy”

Consumption of food under which it is sublime is higher than food և preservatives. Digestive և (thigh sensitivity) concerns that affect a woman’s quality.
But it is possible that the citizens of the food system will continue to prevent the development of diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, if one of them doubles, the number of problems will be severe. You have a lot of devaluation of fruits and vegetables, a wealth of oxidative contraindications, moderate consumption.
Definition of Al-Mazid. The end of the 2021 season in Al-Vardi

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