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diseases of pregnancy

Health problems that make up one of the carriers

The bearer of most of the symptoms from the beginning of pregnancy, even from childbirth, is known to them in this article. Health problems that make up one of the carriers We have seen it from the beginning of pregnancy և until birth ենք we have discovered the problem of having problems at different stages of pregnancy.

Health problems that make up one of the carriers

Given the fact that the stomach interferes with a pregnant woman carrying one of her weakened limbs, the woman carries most of the duodenal portion of the patient’s recommendations for most of the various diseases.

  1. What problems do mourners have in the morning?
  2. And it becomes consciousness through constant food և food.
  3. As for humorous tricks.
  4. And the pressure on their chest and digestive tract decreases.
  5. And finally, the concussions of carrying the nerve.

There are many exceptions for the disease from the other condition, depending on the condition of the disease, age, life history, nature of pregnancy, etc.

And if you do not know us, you will sin against most of the healthy problems that will spread among pregnant women, and if you have other problems when you are in danger, you will know to say:

They are in danger

  1. Now the carrier woman is at risk of contamination or corpse of material goods.
  2. In addition, before the bearing woman is attacked by radiation.
  3. And then the woman carrying a drug that is inhibited by isotretinoin.
  4. نضيف ذلى ذلك هاتاتإ:
  5. And the conditions for developing a special environment in the uterus are not right.
  6. It is weak to tell the story of the life of a nation, especially if you are in the beginning or the last four.
  7. In addition to the condition of the injury due to negligence or mercy of the neck.
  8. And now you are the mother of a smoker or the government and drug addicts.
  9. It is stated that some diseases pose a danger to the carrier, such as common diseases,
    The alarm, the secret, the heart disease, the promise of fasting.
  10. And finally, the state of malnutrition.

Dangerous signs during pregnancy

And if a pregnant woman is in danger, she will show some symptoms to her mother.

  • Now the movement of the fetus is stopped.
  • In addition, the degree of heat affects the injury.
  • It is about the emergence of subtleties or subtleties.
  • ونضيف ذلى ذلك آلام أسفل الذهر المصاحب لألام التن
  • And the conditions of many mourners in the morning.
  • And the swelling of the hands or face due to the signs of pregnancy.
  • Thus, the condition of the stroke increases the weight faster than the drug addict.
  • Add to view
  • And finally, the condition of origin from the vagina is quite big.
Firosat which confirms the pregnant woman
  • It should not be in German storage or at home.
  • In addition to the fuselage, it is added in a vacuum.
  • Fazla an al-Ghadir al-Mayi.
  • وداء المقوسات.
  • وعدوى البکتيرية.
  • وعدوى المسالك البولية.
  • والتهاب الكبد الوبائي.
  • نضيف إلى ذلك فيروس زیكا.
  • والهربس التناسلي.
  • Photo of HIV HIV
  • وأخيرًا فیروس الزهري.
  • ونختم مع فیروس السيلان ، والكلامیديا.
Tips for a pregnant woman in the first city

And this article with their advice to pregnant women is proof for most of your important information about your fetus, proof for your offspring.

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Development:.. You are greedy for your health, you are reminded that you are right for the first time, և you know that the information entered in the article does not change the need to consult a doctor,

And if you do not recognize us until they are healthy, who know that the bearer in the city is different from the beginning of pregnancy to birth, Carry: And the different stages, you can learn about it Pregnancy and treatment problemsOr Sharkina asked for a comment.

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