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Pregnant feeding

His advice was written on a carrier before the letter

الحمل فالولادة, مرحلة ليست بسيطة, ولا تمر على المرأة مرور الكرام .. إنما لابد أن تترك أثرها وبصماتها, إيجابية كانت أو سلبية, حيث تحتاج المرأة إلى صحة وعافية والتزام بغذاء صحي وفيتامينات قبل التخطيط للحمل, وأثناء أشهر الحمل وبعد الولادة أيضا, وقبل كل هذا تتطلب تخطيطا شاملا لكل جوانب حياة الزوجة – وهو موضوعنا- من ناحية علاقتها بزوجها, وتهيئة حالتها النفسية والاجتماعية, إضافة إلى رسم صورة جميلة لك عندما تصبحين أما لطفل أو طفلة طال انتظارك لها .. لقاؤنا مع الدكتور عبدالحميد ألسبيلي, أستاذ أمراض النساء والولادة, And Dr. Fatima Al-Shenavi is present in the presence of the human body.

The first lines of the veil line

Induction of culprits, except in the kitchen և egg white

On the one hand, the breaking of the egg հակ the tendency to intent
  • Do not eat in the oven except in the kitchen or in the oven; لأنه صد يستب جرثومة «التوكسوبلاسموز» الطي تدی:
  • Carefully study the days of obedience,։ thus, by analogy, the degree of body temperature after the concentration of sleep և until the movement of secrecy, in the office, which leads to the end of the urban district.
  • Self-cleansing և measuring anxiety և preparing serious self-awareness in the middle of the environment.
  • Couples need to have the experience to know what is best for them to change their way of life, their individuality, their society.
  • You must meet your spouse in the future. From the period of small education
  • It is obligatory to emphasize the secret of information on the spouses, then the explanation of the origin is specific, as well as the origin of the hormones, there is no disease for them.

About knowing the days of your obedience

Consultation with your spouse և your doctor .. before registering a carrier
  • It is obligatory to have knowledge before the days of obedience to you. To find out about the mating interest of the couple:
  • Quit smoking – in your case, smoking – և Do not drink alcohol, under which it is enough. Like coffee and fizzy drinks
  • It is obligatory not to take medication, especially books, to treat mental and emotional states as a precautionary measure for the patient’s condition.
  • You are a citizen of your weight, եք you emphasize that you have a corresponding weight, which does not affect your character.
  • The right և his wife is jointly connected with the existence of a child in your life. How do your partners fit in? Who operates the system after birth? The best way to educate children
  • If you stop eating beans, you will not be able to take them.
  • What is the proof that the nature of the urban area has changed, but has not changed in terms of time and duration, and the natural changes in the body have taken place after the termination of the pregnancy ban?

Induction of tea, sound alcohol

The thing of the cup and the sound and the drinks..the danger to all the bearers
  • The room և items of some accommodation and the sound of eating and drinking, we can be satisfied with one of your favorite drinks every day.
  • There is a convenient time before the beginning of pregnancy for someone who has to compensate for the loss of more than one kilogram of your weight.
  • Something as bad as a mouse in a math competition does not carry much weight during pregnancy;
  • Eat 400 micrograms of ovary every day before pregnancy, It is better to take it 3-6 years before the beginning of pregnancy, but to reduce the risk of developing symptoms in the baby. the brain by 70%.
  • Prepare to eat supplements beyond the anemia prevention limit, and calcium for և major dental health և Get enough overnight doses for և dinner.
  • Do not imitate և do not tattoo while waiting for pregnancy or mid-pregnancy, it is possible to reduce the tattoo by taking to the streets at your mercy or following your magic և success.

Follow a balanced diet

I need to follow a balanced diet before eating meat
  • Do you learn that the health of your feet and teeth is directly affected by the behavior? The cause of pneumonia is bacteria.
  • Do not listen to the doctor with the medicine prescribed to him, especially if you are sick, or a slave, or if you have a high fever.
  • There are no new clothes, your body’s body changes during pregnancy և after birth in the office, so it is better to buy only one piece or cloth.
  • Follow a balanced diet; Do not suffer from malnutrition or weakness of the duodenum, as you may eat these foods to increase your appetite and avoid the possibility of pregnancy.
  • Gently positioning your position does not allow the minor, you have priority, then order

Reading books based on pregnancy and childbirth

Pregnancy ը Reading about fetal development is desirable for the state of pregnancy
  • It is very possible to get it from pregnancy ներից from reliable sources of fetal development. Even if you do not know how to complete a beautiful journey և even a birthday
  • And do not disturb your relatives from the experience of pregnancy or childbirth.
  • It is necessary to emphasize the absence of inflammation after the urban area
  • It may be possible for your doctor to use this medicine to emphasize this point, highlighting what protects you from personal hygiene during the urban period.
  • The obligation is legal in the city period, it is possible that the days will be marked.

Warning about this error before making a mistake

Before the slope for the carrier.
  1. Inadequate nutrition, “mother” practice is no cure.
  2. There is no cure for rectal defect
  3. Examine Hermon Al-Khalib’s height ratio
  4. The position of the soul and the constant mind of the bearer end the bearer
  5. It is necessary to present the volume of goods for you, on the way to the sonar մանը to reduce the days of the period.
  6. It must be stressed that you do not have the means to complete the measurements, you are going to delay the pregnancy, you must take action to change the woman’s diet,

Excessive sputum:

أعشاب تساعد على السريع الممل:

  • It is possible for a tycoon to swallow a piece of paper in all its parts before carrying it; لأنه يعمل على تنظيم الهرمون لديها:
  • Do not drink the wine of Al-Akwad Al-Qarafah, as it is a test of mercy
  • You can drink the drink of slaves every day, which act on the regulation of the hormone Martin
  • If it is possible to drink alcohol, which is in the body of the poison, և it reaches a hormonal balance
  • And the ginger drink; How to act on the balance: to strengthen the balance

Note from “Sidati Net”. Before using this description or this treatment, consult a specialist.

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