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diseases of pregnancy

How long does it take for the “latest carrier” of the sonar?

تعتقد الكثير من الحوامل أن أسهل طريقة لتفقد أحوال الجنين ووضعه داخل رحم الأم, هي استخدام السونار أو التصوير بالموجات فوق الصوتية, حيث تساهم أنواع التصوير بالموجات الثلاثية الأبعاد أو الرباعية على الوصول إلى تفاصيل دقيقة في حالة الجنين, والأمراض التي تعرضها مثل أمراض القلب وإصابة الشرايين “But if extra work is done for animals, which causes certain heart diseases, affects the health of a pregnant woman, her fetus, in this case, which is presented to a group of specialized doctors, do you know the benefits?” damage to the disease that causes pain և pain.

The reason for the resurrection is the sonar performance during pregnancy

Fetal health

1- The doctor starts performing the sonar from the beginning of the first city, from pregnancy; Even if it is extended to the date of conception, then it is repeated the next time in the tenth or tenth branch, if it is time to take care of the explanatory features of the fetus, check the condition of the fetus. mother

2- At the beginning of pregnancy, the doctor should perform the procedure for all patients. Whoever claims to be pregnant in the womb, and whoever is outside, it is easy for him to make an quick decision about pregnancy outside the womb.

3 – Multiple pregnancies can be distinguished in any way during pregnancy, ությունից from emptiness one can calculate correctly նրա its development and development և և heartbeat և its internal movements.

4 – The causes of nausea are limited during pregnancy; a child.

Types of sonar.

Ordinary sonar.

This type of sonar will be performed in early pregnancy, as if it is the right choice for the knowledge of mercy խոստ the promise of success. For the people closest to the wall of mercy.

Sonar from the inner wall.

It is possible to use this type when the fetus is pregnant to conceive a fetus in the womb.

The sonar is three-dimensional

Specialized sonar.

And with this kind of work, the discussion of a limited issue can be postponed, it is necessary to stand up with the most equipment above the duodenal sound, as if a notary needs to separate in half an hour.

Three-dimensional sonar.

It is the embodiment of the embryonic body, with all the details և turns, collected վիճակում embryo embryos վիճակում nerves in the state of discovery.

Audio channels for the fetal heart.

Audio channels for the fetal heart

It will be collected to limit the creative heart’s desire for the fetus to enter the womb.

Dowler blacksmith.

It is necessary to recruit after receiving detailed information about the term for the embryos.

Sanar damage to the fruit.

A convenient sonar:

Despite the fact that sonar has been used for a long time, it is still not possible that it will harm the health of a pregnant woman or if the fetus is examined. which has a number of deaths.

Because the lessons show the lack of interest in the sonar ղի fetal weight ժամանակ at birth, or the difficulty in reading before the baby gets cancer և hearing loss դժվար

As for the three-dimensional ուսի square image. It is better to act on the instructions of the treating doctor if necessary, և it is obligatory for the nation to understand what harm the repetition of the image causes.

As for the reason, the image is not used by the double who follows the fetus, listens to the heartbeat. فهو يحتوي على الموجات پس الصوتية ، والكنها صداف و کثفتها اقلة لاذلك تاطبر اكشر امننا على التفال و وتخدم هذه الحقزة. Therefore, it does not cause any harm to the health of the fetus, but it is corrected after the double device is collected, especially in the first stages of pregnancy, at the beginning of the developmental stage, with the development of the fetus, because: it is not corrected by employment in the last stages. The older the child, the more sensitive he is, the better the absence of a double image at this stage.


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