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diseases of pregnancy

How much water should you drink during pregnancy?

The predominant water is body weight. 60% of our body is water. The one who removes the poison from the body regulates the body’s temperature եցնում adjusts it to the body’s responsibilities, which makes our existence necessary.

If the amount of water used by both of them carries something important for them, the nutrient is transferred to the baby և it spreads to the cupboard on the plane of the amniotic sac և disorder. the patient is like the one who takes the fetus. But what is enough to discipline?

Desired number:

Desired amount of water

In general, everyone needs to drink 2 letters a day or 8-10 glasses of water to memorize it. It includes those who fast and eat from your food system. Which is immersed in water like beans, vegetables and syrup. Until the 27th of pregnancy is almost over, it is necessary for the first breath to contain a small amount of water. Then, along with the child’s development, it is necessary to increase the number of questions to 500.
But this is not the case for all carriers. If you weigh more than you did, or were overweight just to eat, it would be better to use more water. It does not affect the duodenum when you carry it on your forehead, but having two children does not prevent it. If you do not drink enough water, it is possible to write a poem with food and water.

Definition of Al-Mazid. Is the third safe for the wearer?


What to do if the gap is narrow?
What to do if the gap is narrow?

At some resurrection, even if you drink enough water, you will not be able to answer it – you will have to drink a lot of questions. If you know what you’re doing, it ‘s enough if you want to. If the bull waste is zero, it’s a lot to ask. If you look at it, if you suffer from misery or fear or thirst from consciousness, then ask a lot of questions.
Definition of Al-Mazid. Is it necessary after the end of the current term?

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