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stages of pregnancy

How to bear the burden և Factors affecting the customer

The key to getting pregnant or not getting pregnant is the period of obedience for a woman, and the beginning of obedience for the American community հղի the end:. Fourteen is only average.

If a woman understands how to conceive, she must first go back to the practice of obedience, which is one of the actions performed on a woman’s body, as the bearer acts during pregnancy or during pregnancy.

Stages of pregnancy

Factors affecting privacy

Enjoy the opportunity to reach the whole city by a number of factors such as life, weight տեւ duration of pregnancy at the time of pregnancy, և from that point of view, immerse the problem in the average of 4.

  • Commitment. With discipline or non-existence, it is not possible for a woman to obey a pregnancy.
  • Woman’s life. Every child born of a woman’s life has had the opportunity to carry the least burden in her lifetime.
  • Number of caring animals. Every word says the number of human animals, every word is a chance of getting pregnant.
  • Sana Canada Fallout. Serious treatment is mandatory from the day of pregnancy.
  • Organizing sexual intercourse. It is obligatory for you to have a relationship with a married couple on all issues, especially during the 4-5 days before the commitment և on the twelfth day of the commitment itself.
Office appropriation
Office appropriation

How to carry a carrier:

التبويض هي الوقت الذي يتم فيه إطلاق البويضة الناضجة من المبيض, وخلال ال 12 إلى 24 ساعة التالية تكون البويضة على قيد الحياة وجاهزة للتخصيب من قبل الحيوانات المنوية, التى يساعد مخاط عنق الرحم الحيوانات المنوية على العيش لمدة تصل إلى 5 أيام في جسم المرأة, ويستغرق The work takes about 6 hours until the menstrual cycle animals are ready to reach the aqueduct.

And its emergence is the growth of a special egg in the uterus, which begins with the excess of pregnancy hormones – “estrogens” prostheses, these are the necessary hormones in the developmental stages of the fetus. .

Acquisition factors
Acquisition factors

But if you do not have existing animals, it is impossible for the acquisition to take place.

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