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diseases of pregnancy

Hugging on the carrier .. Defining the causes of the corpse և treatment

To think of many women from different changes during pregnancy, to pay attention to the appearance of many different eggs, is a matter of wisdom, so it is included in our topic today. Engraving on the wearer And the quality of cooperation with it.

Engraving on the wearer

When a woman utters wisdom in her body during pregnancy, especially in the inner part, it happens due to several different reasons, including:

  1. During pregnancy, the skin lengthens in the form of a large body, especially in the case of the first pregnancy or pregnancy with the fetus.
  2. You know that to the detriment of skin tissue.
  3. The question that arises from the appearance of skin inflammation, the appearance of love on the skin due to wisdom.
  4. And it turns out that this kind of wisdom is called legal wisdom, it appears in the last third of pregnancy.
  5. And this type of pregnancy and childbirth.
  • الفكود الصفراوي:
  1. For the bearer, zero stagnation is known as the cause of wisdom consciousness.
  2. What is the reason for this in the field of medical care?
  3. The result is that the bile duct does not leave the liver.
  4. It occurs in the last third of pregnancy.
  5. یختفی بعد الولادة.


  1. The existence of the bull is blue.
  2. أن یکون البراز فاتح اللون.
  3. Goth consciousness.
  4. In addition to the loss of the item.

Wisdom in the bearer ղի type of fruit

  1. It forms from the eggs of obesity to the onset of pregnancy.
  2. It does not apply to this type at the time of pregnancy, it occurs in one or more cases.
  3. Al-Ghadir mentions that he had the appearance of the skin of the skin under the seeker on all the legs, arms and abdomen.
  1. Define the names of military games և what are their rare causes.
  2. It occurs in the last third of pregnancy.
  3. And on the horse’s wounds, the foreheads are on the skin of the skin.
  4. And it is possible for the wound to stretch so that it is different լինի wider than the skin.

From the lands of military domains:

  1. It hits easily.
  2. Existence of increased heart rate.
  3. Elevation of body temperature.

The need to consult a doctor և patient should be emphasized.

  • Conveyor joints.
  1. Carrying the carrier from congestion diseases ացումը The emergence of wisdom in the carrier.
  2. There is an increase in pregnancy in the third or third of pregnancy.
  3. The result is a heavy stimulus before birth.
  4. And there is a difference before the last stages, only it is possible that it will return after the last stage of childbirth.
    Because of the urban area or the love of banning pregnancy.

Shotgun attacks.

  • The presence of skin on the scalp leads to wisdom.
  • Also, before the ring appears on the inside.

Wisdom treatment while wearing a vagina

If the vagina is disturbed for various reasons, such as inflammation of the vagina, bacteria or natural instinct, or if there is an excess in the vagina, the patient with inflammation develops inflammation.

  • Conflict of instincts, such as cream or consensus.
  • The glass of the water bath is filled with soda, which is used to wisely prepare the skin of the skin.
  • The act of carrying burdens to convey wisdom.
  • Clothing collection.
  • It is possible that the doctor prescribes the drug այլ other contraindications of life.

And if you do not know what is on the hook while wearing it, և how much of the known information belongs to you now, և if you are sure to wear it with the knowledge of the knower, then it is possible to stop. Get up և know what to wear with your eye.

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