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Pregnant feeding

“I do not need to wait for you”. Introduce a healthy eating system during pregnancy

Pursue a healthy, balanced diet by carrying two items in your body that are extended to the right to a healthy diet, reportedly the carrier’s food, which reaches the person who has: Only two or three At the same time, it is difficult for a person to eat more than foods rich in calcium or al-Hadid.

And over time ” healthforunder5s:“If you take a pregnant woman, you will be offered the most for the shortness of the threshold – twelve bears, so that the one who chooses the most delicious food will be like thirsty,” he will say.

The one who drinks from the stomach drinks less than the duck juice, while he eats rich food in moderation, so that the body does not reach the border object with the force of the drink.

And if you change your mind during pregnancy, then it is possible that you will achieve it և you must be healthy all day long.

Most of the time, this means eating healthy food as soon as the amount of different foods changes so that the food is used in a way that diversifies your food system.

A pregnant woman eats

Optional items from the entire food collection և includes a healthy և balanced և food system և includes food sets:

– Fawaks and vegetables:

The goal of eating 5 portions is at least one day, from fruits and vegetables to the abundance of vitamins and minerals along the fiber that can be digested in the digestive tract to prevent constipation.

– الطعمة الشنوية:

From knees to knees, forearms, forearms, from food choices to sight in all responsibilities, to the smallest traces, to the perfect love, to the choice of the best fiber for one who has food to feed one another. who has food to taste.

The food is raw

Fables such as fleas, basalts, lentils քը heaven (with which in heaven, in adulthood, such as salmon, macaroni և almonds)

The Albanians, their descendants

It takes up the whole heart և body և limbs’s limbs on calcium which is necessary for the health of adults համար for teeth with bracelets.

الزيوت والدهون:

بعض الدهون في النظام الغذائي مهمة لضمان حصولنا على الفيتامينات الأساسية القابلة للذوبان في الدهون, لكننا نحتاج إلى التأكد من تناولنا النوع الصحيح من الدهون واستخدام كمية صغيرة فقط تعتبر الزيوت غير المشبعة مثل زيت بذور اللفت والزيتون وزيت عباد الشمس خيارات صحية أكثر من الدهون المشبعة مثل الزبدة And the sky, if it turns disgusting, is at least less than the subconscious tendency.

Eating junk food will be reduced by a small amount

Foods և beverages that have the highest proportions of heart: sugar, such as coffee, cookies, chocolates, sweeteners, ice cream, honey և boats.

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