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diseases of pregnancy

Is it possible to lose weight while wearing it? What is the benefit of heaven on the face? |:

Women who suffer from constipation can safely menstruate and regain nutrition without losing weight if it has a negative effect on the well-being of their children.

One of them is the carrier, which is enough for the child to produce the animal food he needs.

Is it possible to lose weight while wearing it?

وجدت دراسة حديثة نشرت في المجلة الطبية البريطانية أن النساء المصابات بالسمنة واللاتي التزمن بنصائح حول النظام الغذائي والتمارين الرياضية أثناء الحمل, كانت لديهن نتائج أفضل على مستوى الأم والطفل, إذ وجدت الدراسة أن التغييرات الغذائية ارتبطت بانخفاض خطر الإصابة بمقدمات الارتعاج بنسبة 33%, وانخفاض خطر Asceticism carries a weight of 61%, as the health of the whole body also increases the risk of high blood pressure during pregnancy and the blessed child.

Is the sky the cause of ijtihad?

وفقا لموقع «مايو كلينك» (MayoClinic) فإن زيادة الوزن أو السمنة لا تسبب الإجهاض, إلا أن زيادة مقاومة الإنسولين وتغيير الإندروجين والإستروجين يعدان رابطا فسيولوجيا رئيسيا يتعلق بمؤشر كتلة الجسم غير الطبيعي والإجهاض, كما يرتبط ارتفاع مؤشر كتلة الجسم الناتج عن متلازمة تكيس المبايض Bal Ազան Hazan.

Weighted doctors As much as the dose of ijtihad for women is the essence of excess weight, 29% of women are the essence of the natural body, as the appearance of the face is 73% risk of wearing.

Overweight or overweight does not cause ijtihad (intentional)

What are the consequences of a stroke?

It is possible to distinguish the sky when one of them shows the body of the body 30 or higher, and the leader of the body is divided into two parts. For example, if you have a height of 170 centimeters քաշ 75 kilograms, then at 1.7 in the morning you will increase 170 centimeters to one meter, then divide the weight by a square and the result will be 25.95.

What dangers are there for the bearer that you know from heaven?

A “very good family” situation, when it comes to raising the body, increases the risk of iodine in the case of a small amount of pregnancy, and the height of the heart – the division of pregnancy.

However, an increased risk of disease also causes problems such as a blessed baby, weight gain, an increase in body size at birth or the birth of a stillborn fetus, and an increased risk of hitting a chronic patient. such as heart disease or illness.

How to lose weight believing in pregnancy?

إذا قررت الحامل إنقاص الوزن يجب أن تفعل ذلك باعتدال, لأنه ليس الوقت المناسب لتجربة نظام غذائي صارم أو برنامج تمارين مكثف, كما يفضل التحدث مع الطبيب قبل بدء برنامج التمارين أثناء الحمل, أو يمكنه إحالة الحامل إلى اختصاصي تغذية بشأن الأكل الصحي والتمارين الرياضية المناسبة مع فترة الحمل.

If possible, contact your service provider

It is possible for a pregnant woman to watch the exercise program ի change your food system, if it is possible to increase the number of carriers, they should be organized regularly, and if they have the opportunity to plan a large number. In case of questions they will have to bring back the result.

It is possible to carry a carrier when he or she is following your diet plan (intentional).

البدء ببتء:

You need to change or do a new exercise, if it gradually increases over time, և only train for 5 or 10 minutes every day, and in the last exercise add 5 minutes to the last one.

The main goal of survival is to stay for 30 to 45 minutes almost every day, as if the car’s cucumber field is great for newcomers to the competition.

The embodiment of hot air is useless

When it comes to health, you should avoid fast food, snacks, sodas, sweets and sweets during pregnancy.

There are lessons that change in the food system is a major part of competition, one of which is for women to lose weight and evaluate the results according to their children.

No redundancy in management

If your baby’s physical development is moderate in intensity, strenuous exercise can cause you to become serious while carrying it. And from the simple rules of knowledge to the difficulty of the practice presented to you, you have the power to perform events in the duodenum.

Listen to your body, և if you do something, you will stop training և you will calmly take a loan. In the event of a misdemeanor, it’s the kind of arithmetic or development that allows you to balance your balance և make it difficult.

Advice for pregnant women during matingHeavy gymnastics can make you serious while carrying (intentionally)

I follow the innovation of defense

Do not take the time to experience new or innovative weight loss, as that support is often severely limited by hot springs, and the result is a natural test for the child who eats the food he eats.

And it is possible that this innovation in the food system is dangerous for the development of the child, if it is due to weight loss as a result of a large rapid separation, or if you taste, only a small set of food will stand out.

Your baby needs the maximum amount of different vitamins, և it is impossible for him to get food from a part of a restricted food system,: from the best view to the one that changes the pattern of life, the result. is in the far left food system.

Take supplements before birth

Among them is a healthy food system – the balance of the most important vitamins and minerals your baby needs, and if you take supplements before birth, it can lead to inhibition or side effects. If you supplement your prenatal supplements, you will have a craving for food ներ Excess in your diet so that your body does not lose its poetry.

La telumi nafs:

If you are overwhelmed by the weight, you are subjected to the weight, then you think that you are facing the weight of your soul, then the weight may be due to the material, it is not too heavy that makes you move.

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