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Pregnant feeding

Kuwaiti newspaper |: The one who is forbidden to wear in the first city

When a woman discovers that she is pregnant, she turns to many changes in her daily life, from her food system to her pregnancy to the health of the fetus, so what is the limit of food?

There are some that are forbidden to take in the first city, and the last of the pots is on them, և if it is clear, they will eat this food.

Playing nutrition during pregnancy is important for the health of the pregnancy, and the development of the fetus in the form of a healthy stomach, the period of playing with the nutrition system is very important in the first year of pregnancy.

Here is a collection of foods that are best eaten in the first year of pregnancy, when the cause of fetal damage and the risk of pregnancy.

النجن الطري:

The road artifact is made of a stone other than the bed,, which means that there are some types of bacteria that do not get rid of them, such as what happens in bed practice. This bacterium is one of the things that causes the division of food, վիճ a state of separation from most of the symptoms of the disease, which is easy և difficult, և the symptoms affect the health of a pregnant woman.

Food և artifacts

Carrier formation in the first city, limiting the transportation of goods by the production of food artifacts, such as:

1 – الصير.


3 – Bodra’s back.

4 – الحليب المكثف.

This food is excellent against high amounts of sugar և salt, as it is rich in preservatives, lacks heat and nutrients, it does not outweigh the benefits of your property և fruit. In addition, some of the food must be removed from certain types of bacteria that cause food to break down.

Maritime obligations

Who is not allowed to take in the first city, only he does not apply to all kinds of seafood. The warning is to include the wealth of the fetus, which is due to the fact that the reason is the name of the fetus, which has a negative effect on the fetus. If you are a recipient of seafood, the Turks will restrict the Muslims, emphasizing the limitation of transit quantities.


In the time of the fathers, there is no maturation on the cage material, և it is in their honor that mercy is given to the deceased, but it removes the danger of a happy child or pregnancy from ijtihad in the first city. . On the other hand, fathers can eat mature food, which the body needs from minerals and vitamins, but in moderation, and then the doctor advises:


If you love pineapple, do not straighten it now, because it contains a substance called bromelain, which helps to stretch the muscles, but removes the risk of hitting the intestines.

Intentional intentions and other intentions are serious

Thus, humiliation is exposed to various types of bacteria that can not be removed from it, except through cleaning և necessary heat, which has a negative impact on the health of the fetus և fetus. If you want to eat what you want, you emphasize that you eat them seriously to get rid of existing bacteria.


Proportionate betting is not prohibited enough, as it is necessary to limit the number of transferees, it is the material from which it is necessary to enjoy the harm of your fetus. Emphasize what your doctor says about you if your health is adequately checked by focusing on a quantitative test. Strong advice for feeding you in the first city of pregnancy.

Strong advice

All of them are righteous when they are summoned by the first city of the country:

• Emphasis is placed on the intake of vitamins that the carrier describes as a doctor և the most important է is the ovarian follicle.

• Introduce to your doctor before the event or changes in your diet.

• Moderation in the consumption of all kinds of food is the guarantee of a healthy organism, race in the spirit of food և food for your food system.

• Focus on drinking small amounts of water daily.

• Remind yourself of the first city after pregnancy, when the time comes when there are serious changes in your body other than hormone levels or the effects of a pregnant woman.

Habits of disappearing during pregnancy

Advice for the carrier in the three cities of the first of the carrier, which is what the carrier for the carrier, if you hold in it the living parts of the fetus, Product or exposure to all chemical substances found in the air or in home remedies, such as: Within the radius of the breast or under the umbilical cord, some of which radiate vaginal discharge when exposed to it. Do not take medication in the middle of pregnancy without consulting a specialist.

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