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Pregnant feeding

Lemon benefits for the wearer և 3 delicious features

She eats lemon from many foods, and some of them are necessary during pregnancy. Lemons are generally safe during pregnancy, but there are some things to keep in mind. From the beginning of the resurrection, the bearer carries great excitement for the woman և changes և continuous sneezing until the first arrival until the date of birth;

Child development

The fruit of humility under the amount of vitamins

“We are right” health line“In general, it is possible for you to have a lemon and other than the fruit of pregnancy. What is useful in the field of security? What is useful in the field of security?

Useful properties of lemon for pregnant women.

1. Yazid inhibits և develops the fruit

يزيد مناعة النجنان:

Lemon loves the barrier և it expands in fetal development, it is classified as (106 crimes) lemon (without peel) it contains 56.2 times more than the vitamin. C: This is a vital nutrient for every mother և baby.

How to study the argument that vitamin deficiency is simple C: For the mothers, it is possible that the nose of the fetus will become stronger, and Hussein will be challenged, responsible for the memory, as if he is taking vitamins. C: To the detriment of the ban, վրա extends to the ban on common infections such as bird flu.

2. الحد من الغثيان:

One of the mourners:

If you are not satisfied with morning sickness, then we are the cure for “natural drowsiness”. But if you are careful not to eat lemon as far as you are concerned, little or no research will prove that consuming lemon during pregnancy turns into an active horse of grief. But if you make announcements, all you have to do is publish the essence of the main lemon, which can cause lightening.

3. The carrier body is arranged

Body layout is organized

Water is needed by a special body when carrying it, as it performs a number of important tasks, such as:

  • “Give the evacuation egg the basis
  • Adjust body temperature
  • Indigestion
  • Food և oxygen inspection և transfer to evacuation
  • Stimulation of chemical interactions in the body
  • Judgment on the head of the body
  • The formation of speakers և others from obesity issues

The carriage of a woman who carries up to 3,300 milliliters of water a day makes some animals drink more water than milk, so if there is a little lemon in the water, it is possible to eat something tasty.

The carrier may be damaged

Horror of appetite:

Probable causes of having twins (most of them) during pregnancy

1 – Someone. If the lemon և lemon fruit is fresh, it will be added to the excess from the solid flow compared to the port fruit ը the fruit will be reduced by up to 6 times. As much as possible to achieve the strictest expectation of the limbs. If you drink a lemon with a repetitive egg և from time to time on medium-sized paper, such as a full-length carrier, hold the mines to secure the fry as long as possible to any of them. grab one of the three bodies.

2 – excrement: Elevations above the digestive tract were thought to be due to the most difficult period, even the high risk of gastrointestinal elongation (or heartburn), a common cause that actually occurs during pregnancy. . But the confusion of a large piece of lemon juice with the beating of water has its effect on the prevention of heartburn. Despite not proving it, they believe that the mixture is realized on the basis of the fasting of the stomach ման the reduction of fire.

Features for carrier carrier

If you’re learning to add a little lemon to your app, think of these features, which are easy:.

Barfie Al-Zabadi Balimo

Barfie Al-Zabadi Balimo

It is necessary to mix Greek yadan + lemon juice + ¼ grains with a little sugar + a little honey, add lemon zest to Zabadi նել mix seriously. Rashiha Baljaranula և Adif is associated with honey փորձ by the experience of those who know that this idea is obedient.

Lemon-basil water

Water with lemon and basil

You need the best water + your explanation is the addition of lemon (with loss of seeds) Loss of thirst 1 to 4 hours before enjoying the drink.

Jajir’s dominance with Alimon

George Balimon’s rule

You need 4 jars jarjir + love afokado + love Tamat milk + 3 meet the big one a wonderful virgin olive oil + meet your big one with fresh lemon juice + + add a small amount of honey + 1 cup Web Kub Jabn Barmizan Tazaj + C pepper is nice « as desired. “

An event with a surgeon bathing, and then the Turkish side, air in the air. Olive oil, lemon juice, honey, mustard, salt ովի mixing sea salt և mixing the mixture into three parts. Misconceptions հետ with nausea surgeons when they are ready to undergo surgery. Yarsh Jabn al-Barmizan, a touch of pepper, on the king’s face.

Note from “Sideti Net”. Consult a specific physician before using this description or this treatment

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