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Pregnant feeding

Lesson Medium Samama Aman White Sea protection for bearer և fetus | Մար أة:

Olive oil, the origin of the names of mortals, the gluttony of pregnant women from the dead to the mortals in the branches, will be used to reduce the likelihood of a creature defects or pregnancy sugar.

رغم أن أسباب ولادة الأطفال بوزن منخفض جدا لم تتضح حتى الآن, فإن عوامل الخطر تتضمن التدخين والسمنة, وأن تكون الأم فوق سن الأربعين, إضافة إلى «مضاعفات الحمل الأخرى كتلك المرتبطة بالتهاب المشيمة والإجهاد التأكسدي والشيخوخة« وفقا للبروفيسور إدوارد جراتاكوس, الخبير في طب The the fruit.

And despite the fact that there is no way to prove the knowledge of science that prevents this from happening, experts say:

فقد توصلت دراسة حديثة أجراها علماء إسبان وشملت 1221 امرأة حاملا من المعرضات لخطر إنجاب طفل هزيل, إلى أن “الأمهات الحوامل اللائي يتبعن نظاما غذائيا متوسطيا, يحتوي على كثير من الخضار والفواكه وزيت الزيتون والجوز, يقل احتمال إنجابهن طفلا أصغر مما ينبغي بنسبة تصل إلى 42 % »:

As a precautionary measure, the practice of controlling jihad as a whole reduces those risks by 34%. In addition to the other positive consequences, there will be middle-class citizens who have avoided the danger of the unborn child, the separation of the child, the death of the children of the birth hadith. .

The burden of obliging carriers to retaliate against White Sea protection is moderate, as it poses a risk to the blessed child (intentionally)

Comparison between 3 sets

The connection of the horses with the previous results will end after they follow the Saids, and in a short period of time they will be sent to one of the exhumations to 21 cities of Madhi. They are all at greater risk for low birth weight babies (babies who weigh at least 10% of their birth weight, but who make the most of brain-heart development problems with age); For the examination of the parties, the division of partnerships into 3 meetings is compared with the differences.

Follow the first group to the support of the medieval White Sea և Attend meetings where one-on-one group sessions last an hour as you reach the toilet from the Virgin Olive Park և 450 in the city. And seek from them what we eat, not less than 5 parts of perfect love, մաս 3 parts of vegetables և Albanian products, in addition to glorious body parts all day long. And so, 3 parts of evidence from sayings և exorcisms և from asceticism և from the white spirit, in addition to the descriptions և descriptions of the other person.

As for the second group, there is no evidence of limitation accuracy, the guarantee of the main sessions for 8 hours lasts 2.5 hours, and the unit session is over today. If you ask for the next 45 minutes of daily meditation session, focusing on the exercises, mental focus և body to body, և collective debate.

Rest in the presence of women during pregnancy is a natural maintenance և daily.

Strong results for the first

The results of this study, published at the beginning of this city, are as follows: The family of children who lost weight in the group behind the White Sea system is 9%, and the percentage. he who has not bought the last ordinary band.

Like the observation of the beasts, the resemblance of the brothers dares, the equations of the final negative results, by which that child is born բաժ the division of the bear և the death of the children the hadith of the child.

As a result, at least the first group has the right to withdraw mediocre support based on 18.6%.

And at the end it was transferred to the “protection of the white sea of ​​the average, as it relates to the characteristics of the antidote – inflammation antitoxin.”

Because it refers to the levels of jihad for mothers – the increase in the equations of the newborn, which means the emptiness of the level of cortisol hormone – less than height – to prevent inflammation.

According to them, the “jihad frontier program”, the subsequent instructions on anxiety, well-being, and the increase in cortisol suspension viability compared to other classes included in the class. «

Do not let academics lose touch with the class on the validity of the saints’ causes; և advise to repeat the treatment to the patient before reading.

The relationship of scholars between the levels of jihad for the nations, the “addition of a new generation of equations,” who claim the smallest volume.

صمام أمان للاحمل:

After examining 6 lessons about the effect of the food system on the born child and the disease of sugar intoxication, the reward is based on the primary care and the general health, with the embryo of the collar on the forehead, the study of the patient on the forehead. الولادة “Flawless birth weight”.

Then, when the children are aware that a child born from their mother, who is holding the middle of the middle of the food, says: والفواكه And greens 5 times a day, and a cup of coffee a day. And so it refers to “reducing the likelihood of being hit with a creative defect or getting drunk.”

Publication of the study of general nutrition in the American Majlis in the city of Mars / Azar Al-Madhi, pointing out the fact that:

“The doctor’s doctor is a carpenter, and he is a specialist in pediatrics.

The system enjoys this protection with the convenience of hiding from fires, as it is filled with greenery, food, words, extravagance, and the heavens are a small number of grains, the sublime presence of olives. . Potential sources of vitamins “D” (D) – omega-3 for fasting, the number of unbranched teeth, other nutrients – “to prove that they are good for the health of the fetus. «

But the doctor said. “You need more than one argument to better understand the relationship between the food system of twelve pregnant women, the body cutter, the baby’s weight.”

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